Jam Master Jay’s Nephew “Boe Skagz” Shot In Queens

Rodney “Boe Skagz,” Walker, Jam Master Jay’s nephew and Rusty Waters group member was shot yesterday in Queens, New


Sources told AllHipHop.com that Skagz was shot in the leg after an altercation with his assailant.

Sources stated that Skagz had recorded a song similar to 50 Cent’s “Ghetto Quran.” On that record, 50 named various notorious Queen’s drug dealers, which authorities claim led him to be shot.

Skagz is recovering in a Queen’s New York hospital.

Skagz was not present the night JMJ was gunned down. He had left Jay’s Queen’s recording studio to get a hair cut.

Authorities are still investigating the murder of Jam Master Jay.

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