Hip-Hop Rumors: “M-M-M-Maybach Music” Drop Girl Identified As Australian Supermodel!!!

Shouts to Complex for the reveal…

Jessica Gomes, an Australian model who has appeared in multiple editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue over the years, has been identified as the girl who did the infamous “Maybach Music” drop at the beginning of just about every song from the MMG catalog.

No word on how her and Ricky Rozay hooked up, but at least we’ve got a face (and body) to match with that infamous voice!

  • the woman at the top is asian?

    • Apollo Showtime

      Re-Read the title bro, you’re slow.

      • i know she’s Australian smart guy..was just saying she looks Asian

      • Q.

        Looks mixed….probably Asian + caucAsian.

      • 2nPac

        She’s Singaporean, Chinese, and Portugese. Damn, she fine tho.

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  • David Sentongo

    this chic is HELLA paid right now. she collectin residuals on every song in tht catalogue.

    • Q.

      Not necessarily. MMG could’ve just broke her off a one-time licensing fee for the voice drop.

    • Sheila

      She is not. Never even met Ross after she did the drop

  • Cool story bro.

    I wanna know who’s the woman that did the “CHAMILLITARY MAYNE” tagged for Chamillionaire.

  • johnblacksad


  • She is as sexy as she sounds. More on her please!!!

  • rep87

    now thats nice


    Best drop in hip hop history!

  • yes.. i agreed! this is the best drop on the history of hip hop. looks very hot in that pose.

  •  I want to know who says “the business” in a bunch of random rap songs