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Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Is Looking To Be A Life Coach? Who Thanks God For Kendrick Lamar?

This is a good one. Last night, 9th Wonder and Buckshot of Duck Down fame were at the SoHo Apple store in NYC. Well, the conversation was no your typical at the Apple store. It was pretty free flowing. But first of all, 9th Wonder has released two albums with Buckshot and Murs, both of which were released yesterday. They are available on iTunes.

But, here’s the interesting part. One of the funny things that happened. Buckshot (see the name?) is known for his hardcore raps with Black Moon and Duck Down (see the name?). Anyway, Buckshot has evolved a lot. He’s got a song called “Stop Rapping” on their album The Solution. On the song, it seems to be a clear calling for wack MC’s to cut it out. But he revealed its really a calling for people do do what’s their best asset. He went on to say that he studies life coaches a lot and considers MC to stand for “motivational coach.” Buck showed a lot of personality up there, including a cool impersonation of Barack Obama.

Also, 9th Wonder – I believe – said “Thank God for Kendrick Lamar.” From what I understand, he made it clear that he felt Kendrick will create a ripple affect in the younger rap generation. He’ll create better emcees, because good kid, m.A.A.d city is so dope.

The Solution is dope too!

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  • $28825362

    Proof read!!!!!!

    • Future Patrick

      I know right? its “do do”

  • Buck Shot = The hardest Midget in Hip Hop!

  • johnblacksad

    so the 50cent pic is just for free promo?

    • Dwill

      man……when good sites go bad

    • No, I think they just get interns to do the articles while the editor and crew drink ciroc with puffy

  • Dwill

    who wrote this garbage?!

  • lol wot does this have 2 do wid 50 cent?

  • Peter Morris

    Let’s stick a pic of 50 on this piece because he gets high click throughs. This site is getting worse and worse every day.

  • mike malarkey


  • This is why I started using SHHN for android..much better news reporting. 9th wonder is the most left aiming producer of this generation so if he’s praising kendrick like this he must’ve seen something in him studio wise that inspired this comment.

  • Galactus

    illcoon, If this is an article on buckshot and 9th wonder, why do you have a pic of 50 cent?? this is how I know you a groupie dog, hop off whoever’s “relevant” in the industry, if thats thecase, don’t even report on hip hop, this is a disgrace. this site has gone down the shi*tter SMH

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