Loving It: More Beyonce GQ Pics Leak

Nobody quite does it like Beyonce and GQ magazine has helped her take her sexy game to the next level. The business woman and multifaceted entertainer shot a spread with the magazine in conjunction with the looming NFL Super Bowl. The images are scorching hot and show the Texas native in a way far more sensual than we’ve ever seen her post-Blue Ivy.

The images come as Beyonce reveals that Destiny’s Child will be releasing new material amid a compilation of love songs.

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RELATED: DEBATE: Beyonce Or Rihanna: Who Has The Hottest GQ Cover?

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  • YUP

  • Jahb1911


  • She taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    • SpaceAge2012

      Nah..son I bet she taste better than that even tho CTC is my favorite cereal.

    • jdaviebisbee

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  • kered gnuoy

    does she have any white blood?

    • PorchBoySlim

      yea her mom is Creole so she got a lil bit of French in her

      • andone

        and if im not mistaken, her dad is blacker that coal my ninja… go back and look @ her earlier pics, its obvious dude u can tell shes gettin lighter by the year… but she looks better than ever tho thanks too it!

    • Tann01

      Yea she’s part white but mostly black.

  • Yatay


  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    8-2=6. That’s why she’s promotin’ sexuality. She might look good but that’s the enemy.

    • Knlegend1

      Yes sir!!

    • Really?

      What about 8+2 or 8×2 or 8 divided by 2?

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Naw. We already know what she’s about, so all we have to do is take what they give us and figure out how it connects to the devil. It’s all subliminal. Plus, both of the chains she has on make triangles, one of her eyes is covered by her hair (eye of horus) and if you look at the bricks in that one picture; two of the brick are outlined in bright white, that’s the letter ” i ” as in “eye of Horus” if you turn it vertically. If you think I’m reaching, just go do some research.

      • Really?

        I would but I have a life to live. Thanks for your reply.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        You’re welcome but You said that like it’s a waste of time. If you knew then you wouldn’t have to ask. Knowledge is Power!

      • Really?

        It is a waste of time and I won’t bother asking because I already know the answer. I do not believe everything I read on the internet. It’s like that state farm commercial. I don’t spend too much time following what celebs do. Thank you for your reply.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I don’t believe everything I read on the internet either.

  • VentKing11

    I can’t believe it…the baby made her even MORE fine. Life just keeps on getting better for Izzo doesn’t it?

  • Bumpy Johnson

    She and Jay Z should be embarrased . Why do black Celebs do this.. you will never see a big time white socialite take pics like this. Is she a Pop Singer or a Stripper. Weak move in my opinion.

    • SleeperWillWake

      Where have you been? Plenty of Cauasians/white celebs have taken pic like this
      Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan,Jennifer Aniston,January Jones, Kate Upton Katie Holmes ,Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, etc. Are you serious?

      • Lamonte Johnson

        Don’t bother he’s obviously talking just to talk

      • Bumpy Johnson

        I was talkin bout A list , respectable celebs…how in gods name do you involve Lindsay Lohan. Show me a link of a picture of Jennifer Aniston posed like a stripper type G underwear with a titty teaser. please.

      • Banksy

        I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Madonna before.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Madonna is madonna….like how lady gaga is lady ggaga and rihanna is rihanna….beyonce once had a song “nasty put your clothe on” n was strong on this stuff,look at her now.

      • Banksy

        actually that was a Destiny’s Child song. But honestly it sounds like you’re just looking for something to talk about. Beyonce has always been sexy in her videos and pics so whats the big deal? You talking like shes twerking and p poppin on WSHH.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        yall will never see it but she is hella wrong and is not a DIVA. ..cant compare her to shaka khan’n’em

      • Banksy

        Of course you can’t because Chaka was never a pop star. A great singer yes but a pop star no. That’s like trying to compare Frank Ocean to Micheal Jackson. They’re both in two completely different lanes. You don’t have to like Beyonce, hell I’m not that much of a fan of her music my self but in saying that what you’re complaining about is not really holding water mainly because shes not doing anything she hasn’t done before. Like I said if she started P-poppin and twerkin on WSHH than I can see where you’re coming from but until than I can’t see it.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        nothing wrong with a black female icon dressed like a stripper.?

      • oh and what is ‘classy’.. Mary Poppins?!?

        And please tell me which ‘A’ list white celeb YOU know that hasn’t had a pic like this?…. dont worry I’ll wait

        what i find strange is that non of you mention the fact this ‘Black Nubian Queen” has been getting lighter and lighter, and now looks like Barbarella… but yeah, we have NEVER seen a woman in her underwear on the cover of a magazine… brilliant observation skills

  • Knlegend1

    Here’s the deal. This is a beautiful woman, but its her job to deceive. The best lie always has a truth. “Women lie, numbers don’t.” Truth and a Lie. Don’t be fooled by the glam, your reward is greater.

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  • Vic Sage

    Photoshop serves its immediacy here but even with that factoid upfront. LameOnyce is still dumber than a dumb 4th grader. Y’all can idolize that simpleton with talent. I’ll stunt. True Talk. Brooklyn Lives. Born and Raised. Early.

    • Did u just say where you’re from? How’s this relevant?

      • Vic Sage

        The statement is my opinion,where I reside is factual. It’s relevancy is simply for my benefit. If it pains or bothers you my next question would be why?” Followed by Motrin.

  • carterbluz

    God Damn she sexy…..loving it