Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chris Brown Turn Down Teyana’s Cooch Offering? Sheree’ Whitfield Unhappy With Iyanla Vanzant!


Is Teyana Taylor still a virgin? She may be if this recent rumor about Chris Brown is true! The rumor suggests that TT all but gave up the chocha to Chris Breezy Brown and he said NAW. They were cool for a long time, but it seems like a ways back, she got too drunk to think. And her thoughts took over. When they did, she was so blown that she offered her body to CB. She also expressed her love for him too, the rumor says. But, what happened after is crazy. Seems like after turning her down, Brown and his people who were there too were pretty saddened. They were so sad that they left her alone and cancelled the room they were staying in. This caused for TT not to have any place to lay her now naked body. Security had to escort her out of the room, by putting a sheet around her. I’m not sure who was there but somehow she got to a friends car and was safe. Anyway…they are no longer friends.


I been talking about this. Peep what I just a got from BallyHo PR:

(April 22, 2013, Atlanta, GA.) Reality TV star Sheree’ Whitfield’s participation in the recent episode of OWN’s ‘Iyanla Fix my Life’ was not at all what she expected. In like fashion to what rapper DMX experienced on his taping of the show, Sheree’ feels that she too was wooed under false pretenses. She agreed to be on the show based on the understanding that Iyanla would be addressing and helping her and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, deal with co-parenting issues; unfortunately during the shoot, it was clear that what she was told would be the focus of the show was not.

“Since leaving the Housewives, I’ve been at a different place in my life, a place of healing and self-empowerment, so when Bob reached out to me about doing this show on co-parenting I was excited because I thought we were both on the same page and equally wanted to work towards mending our relationship so that we could more effectively co-parent, and even more importantly I thought it was an opportunity to inspire single parents in our situation,” says Sheree’ Whitfield. “However, once shooting began I felt misled because the line of questioning was centered more on accusations of my shortcomings as a wife versus how we can begin to resolve our issues.”

During the shoot and in communications afterwards, Sheree’ expressed her concerns and displeasure with the taping to Iyanla and the show’s producers and only agreed to continue for the sake of some sort of amicable resolution, which was never realized. “Although I was caught off guard by what felt like a very one-sided and judgmental approach to “therapy,” what I did take away from this experience is that I must continue to take responsibility for doing the work to be a better person. I am completely committed to making sure that I am a positive and healthy mother for my children and being a role model for the young women that I mentor,” says Whitfield.

Sheree’ is committed to empowering and inspiring single moms, divorced moms, and other women dealing with relationship and co-parenting issues. She is working on launching her own foundation which emphasizes the importance of emotional and physical wellness for all women. Sheree is also focusing on her own career and is excited about more opportunities in film and television with her cameo appearance in ‘Scary Movie 5’ being only the beginning.

She is currently seeking speaking engagements to speak with organizations, foundations, and women’s groups about her challenges and to share her insight on surviving her own struggles and rising above them.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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47 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chris Brown Turn Down Teyana’s Cooch Offering? Sheree’ Whitfield Unhappy With Iyanla Vanzant!”

  1. RMfag

    All of that just to avoid puzy.
    And he had the nerve to get mad when Drake said he hit it well after he pulled a stunt like this. FOH…..

      • Apollo Showtime

        Me? Yeah, but then again, I’m abroke nigga with not as many model type options as Breezy, TT is more than likely just a bird in CB’s world, lol.

      • cromthelaughinggod

        Ed is that a rhetorical question? You know that cat is as homo as they come. Why are you giving that fag energy? You know he dreams about the salami day and night. He made like 14 comments on one page speaking to himself. Fk that gay weirdo!

      • RMfag

        I was throwing shade at that lame comic book.
        And Im fully man. I only like puzy. You might like salami, but I like hot pockets. So keep those sausages over there fully away from me.
        I’s straight. kthxbi

      • Negro Peligro

        Come on man you got multiple personality disorder. You might not remember Jekyl when you was talking about getting it in your hyde. But no straight man I DON’T CARE WHO IT IS. Joke gay. Its man code.

  2. Franky Babylon

    Maybe I read that wrong but it sounded like TT was drunk and CB passed on sleeping with her?…If thats the case then good for him.

    I was in a similar position; a girl that I would have gladly piped was drunk and I passed on the chance. I didnt feel right knowing she might not make the same choice if she was sober. After she was sober, she let me know that she was conscious of her choice and we got down later.

    Taking advantage of a woman when she is obviously drunk and or high, and making decisions she wouldnt normally make is too close to date rape for me.

  3. brotha_man

    cant smash a broad drunk out her mind. i remember this being the scene many times in college. shit aint all that attractive. ive turned down plenty drunk broads, im talking piss drunk.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      your right tho cause all tho it sounds good but alot of chicks are super stupid unnattractive and annoying drunk

  4. FREEfromslavery

    this move by breezy was a good one not only for his PR, but as a man every piece of ass that is thrown at you aint always good to smash for various reason. plus these cracker ass crackers that vilify him on a regular basis over these aggressive broads get to see a more human side of breezy thats not acting erratic. last time i talked about this thirsty ass oprah wannabe lyanla a clown by the name of RUFUS sent me some corny ass email about his displeasure with me for dogging this sneaky broad. this crusty freak aint to be trusted by no means. but i still see dumb niggas getting caught up in her trap. dmx and now she by sheree’ s weird ass. her stale ass will interview with anyone just to stay reality relevant. just waiting to see who her next black victim will be. might be you SOFT ASS RUFUS.

  5. Michelle Green

    Before you can deal with the issues that you think is the problem. You have to deal with you. Like DMX the problem stems from his mother and that’s why he dissrespect women the way he do.

    For as Sheree. First, let me say I think Bob her ex husband gets it. She is all about material things. She’s bitter, angry and all of that stuff that she refuse to admit. Can do not move forward until you can deal with the pass. She’s hurt and was called out on her mess just like DMX and when someone does that the wall goes up and they get defensive. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hugh Stecht

    I thought that NBA point guard N8gga beat the brakes off TT a minute ago, that N8gga was spending wild bread posting provactive pics and sh*t, he had to have been beating that, can’t see a n8gga simpin that hard,… Brandon Jennings.

  7. Shar

    Good for CB maybe he does have a heart oh no never mind he left her alone by herself someone he thought of as a friend one of the few friends he had after he turned Ali on his girl!

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