George Zimmerman's Wife's Doubts Her Husband's Innocence In Trayvon Martin Killing

(AllHipHop News) George Zimmerman’s seemingly impenetrable fortress of support seems to be a crumbling house of cards as his main supporter in the Trayvon Martin murder trial now has doubts of his innocence. Today (September 26th) George Zimmerman’s estranged wife speaks on George’s alleged assault of her father, his changed personality and his innocence in the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

Speaking with NBC’s Today, Shellie Zimmerman says George’s personality changed following his victory in the Trayvon Martin murder case and now she “really don’t know what he’s capable of.” This epiphany has led her to not only question her estranged husband’s current mental state but also some of the details regarding the night he murdered Trayvon Martin:

I’m conflicted on that. I believe the evidence, but this revelation in my life has really helped me to take the blinders off.

Shellie later stated that though she has doubts she believes George did not racially profile Travyon.

Shellie is currently attempting to divorce from her husband, however George’s whereabouts have become unknown since last week and consequently he has not been served with divorce papers.

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50 Responses to “George Zimmerman's Wife's Doubts Her Husband's Innocence In Trayvon Martin Killing”

  1. Thenatural503

    So you can take this two ways.

    1. She’s coming clean about this dude.

    2. She’s trying to put herself in a situation to write a book and cash that check and is just being a woman scorned.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOGZ818 – your wrong again – no double jeopardy – saying that sh#t now, is what we already knew – she and that confessing juror should have stood up before “Zimmerman” got aquitted

      • EDOGZ818

        Actually, there is double jeopardy, but there won’t be any in this case. Plenty of people have been sentenced to fed & state time, for the same crime, just charged differently.

      • EDOGZ818

        There won’t be a civil suit.
        1st, Old girl wants Zim’s $$$, it’s still hers, technically, she won’t help Tray take it.
        2nd, just like this MIGHT* be admissible, so will Tray’s tweets about getting high & knocking Ninjaz out.

        It’s a wrap, the fatlady has sung, the fatman has Fugged!

      • EDOGZ818

        In reality though, like Phil The Great said, Zimmerman is traumatized too. Look how fat he got, and in reality, he didn’t set out to kill Tray, so that ‘chet has gotta fugg with him, it’s just that it fuggz with him in ways he can’t detect.

        I’m not saying he sees Tray’s ghost, it’s just that Tray’s ghost has changed his personality.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – GTFOH – “Zimmerman” is happy – anytime a person is Aquitted of a murder that their gulilty of – he gotta be happy

      • brotha_man

        he’s happy he aint in jail, but killing somebody whether just or unjust can really mess up ur mental. I served in Iraq and i can tell u even when u kill to survive, you are not the same individual. myself, i would get skinny from “not” eating.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        brotha_man – your wrong too – using my same point – Anytime a person is Guilty of murder – and gets off – He’s Happy

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        brotha _man – night terrors ? – compared to being dead, 6 feet under dirt, for walking back from the candy store, then the killer get aquitted – that’s night terrors

      • brotha_man

        he needs to read “the tell-tale heart”, Edgar Allen Poe was on to something or “crime and punishment”

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        brotha_man – I don’t gotta read nothin’ – just the facts of this case, so do you

      • brotha_man

        listen butch, did zimm pop bottles after the verdict.yes.
        but im willing to bet he is have night terrors over murdering tray.

      • EDOGZ818

        He doesn’t know anything about that.

        That ‘chet fugged Zim up, as it will anyone, Ninjaz don’t understand that when you buss your gat, your life is getting turned upside down. A simple glance at the day’s paper will illustrate just that.

      • EDOGZ818

        He wasn’t guilty. You would have shot Tray too, if he started schmacking your B’ish around and was about to take your whammer.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOGZ918 – I’ll show your Stupidity every time you comment to me – Tray would have been right to fight me, if I followed him in my car, then ran behind him on foot, all the way up to arm’s reach , like “Zimmerman” did – Tray’s fighting was legal stand your ground self defense – you Stupid hoodrat never- seen-nothing ni#ger

      • EDOGZ818

        I’m not saying Tray would have been wrong to beat your B’ish@$$ down, just that you would have shot him too, just like Zimmerman did.

        While you feel Tray was right & standing his ground, it’s obvious that in his case, your opinion is as worthless as you are.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – then you agree – “Zimmerman” murdered him – just the jurors lied – which was my point

      • EDOGZ818

        >>Schmacks you in the face so hard your crack pipefalls out of your mouth & then makes you step on it like I’m Dog The Bounty Hunter

        The jury had no case,Tray attacked him, he popped him 1x.
        That’s how it goes down tough guy.

  2. PhilTheGreat

    Lol makes me think of Law & Order when the person gets off and then the aftermath ither makes their life is neer the same or something happens to someone else. Even if it was self defense the dude killed someone and hasn’t been in counseling for it, as far as I know. So nothing good can come from that in itself.

  3. jubileeshine

    U.S. Atty Genl Eric Holder: file federal charges against terrorist Zimmerman for violating the Civil Rights of Tray on Martin!

  4. Arthur Grupee

    This is beyond just an angry ex-wife realization that the husband is more than what she made herself belief. The state pathologist also is suing the state as well. The cracks in the initial case is becoming glaring. Sad that it is after the facts…but the federals can always step in.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Shes trying to distance him & hurt him because he’s now rich and having an affair. This dumb ass cracker is still a devil but is trying to put on that sheep skin.

  5. jejam36

    They asked witnesses from both sides whose voice that was who was screaming for help. How come they couldnt simply just give George Zimmerman a lie detector test. Allow him to take it twice just in case he was a bit nervous. Thats what fucked me up about the whole trial.

    • Celz

      Lie detectors aren’t admissible in court as far as I know. They can be faked and sometimes give false positives..

      Really it doesn’t matter.. His life is fucced and he’s spiraling out of control. He deserves to be in jail just like a gang member who murders for no reason. But he will pay everyday for the rest of his life.. Even his supporters and people who think he is innocent can all agree that he is an idiot..

      • jejam36

        Yeah you’re absolutely right about that. He really are going to suffer for what he did. Him losing his wife is just the beginning.

    • davidvoth

      George Zimmerman was given a polygraph (i.e. “lie detector”) test the day after the shooting. He passed. Not that it amounts to a hill of beans – Polygraph tests are inadmissible as evidence in most courts, and rightfully so.

    • ccwaterbound32

      whoever disliked what i had to say imagine if that was your kid killed like that. imagine your child minding his/her own business and some asshole like this comes along and shoots your baby you aint about to reason with the dude! you aint about to sing coombyeyah with his ass! your gonna wanna kill him! now i don’t condone violence. but this dude just BEGGING to get hit… and the fact that he just roams around america doing as he wishes really trips me out…i keep wondering how does he maneuver through the country and NOBODY does anything! wtf! i aint just talking to talk if he EVER crosses my path and i see him he better have his on him because he’ll get his issue right then and there…

  6. ZUBU

    She knew from the start what he was capable of, now she looking scorned. This slore was jumping up and giddy when the verdict came through.
    Hopefully the US Attorney General gets his ass.

  7. dfwricwil

    He gets off free and a sister gets 20 years just for firing a warning shot at her husband to stop him form kicking her a$$ also in Florida. Dam shame…

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