Hip-Hop Rumors: What Made Kendrick Lamar Laugh Hysterically During The Hip-Hop Awards?

Uh Oh…

Something may be brewing and its not beef stew. Kendrick Lamar and his TDE Crew may have gotten the last laugh. Over the weekend at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, there was no beef. BUT, something awkward happened. French Montana was doing his song “Ain’t Worried About Nothing,” but the show put a twist to it. They remixed it with Diddy, Snoop and Rick Ross, all performing verses. This is what happened. During Diddy’s part, a young man was to bring out a crown and Diddy was to put it on top of his head. But, when the kid was coming out, Diddy didn’t see him approaching and Diddy’s elbow swung up and knocked the crown off the pillow onto the floor! It was a quick moment to the audience. Diddy quickly recovered and put the crown on his head and kept rapping. BUT, we heard the Kendrick and the TDE Crew were back stage laughing up a storm! Nobody knows for sure, but it seems like Diddy was making a statement with people calling themselves King. Kendrick likes to call himself King Kendrick as well as the King of New York. LOL! But, what was funny is when the comedian that warmed up the crowd ask the ATL audience if Kendrick was the King of New York, a lot of them scream “YES!” This was not during taping.


  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Oh Atlanta lmao. They said yes but they are the ruin of Hip Hop.

    • Tre C

      too bad NY is the has been of Hip Hop

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Don’t know an Atlanta artist that has outsold Nicki or Jay these past few years…enlighten me

      • Tre C

        so it’s about sales? You’re counting Nicki as NY hip hop? not the fact that your favorite NY rapper probably lives here half the year? you are making my point for me

      • David Gonz

        black eyed peas has more sales than jay z homie. westcoast for life. and jay and niki byting southern beats and flows

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Rap died in Atlanta. Brrr.

      • LuckieBabie

        You need to be enlightened on more than just Nicki and jays stats. U need a geography lesson. Ludacris has out sold nicki on one album alone. And isn’t she STILL dropping from Pink Friday? C’mon son!

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        …what year was that?

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Atlanta is known for an air port, the braves, a Coca-Cola plant, and having an abundance of gay people. New York is the greatest city in the world and anyone who disagrees hasn’t really been there.

      • Tre C

        over 10 million people live in NY, that city has more gay people than anyone based of numbers..your favorite rapper has a house in atlanta

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Atlanta has more gay people per capita…..just a few years ago Atlanta was announced as the gay capital of America. The gay to straight ratio in Atlanta is off the charts and you know I’m right.

      • hoeyuno

        Or Miami.. but my favorite rapper resides in Harlem.

  • speedy37

    90 percent of atlanta is gay im moving my son from there before he turn 3

    • Freebe Jackson

      every where is gay….throw out your tv, computer and lock your son in a room…

    • Flea

      dont come to NY, shit’s spreading like the flu

  • PhilTheGreat

    That dude dropped the crown! I’d laugh too! But Diddy been saying he was the king of NY, so that’s nothing new.

  • junj03

    Cant get any worse then this article…

  • StreetMediaZone

    this king shit is overated kendrick getting free pub

  • Hahaha GIF at the end is hilarious.

  • Breeze

    something is seriously wrong with the people who post on this site lmfao. no matter what the post is about. . . you dummies always seem a way to talk about non irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with nothing. there are gay people everywhere. . . why are you debating on the gay capitol of the country? yall some grown ass men lmfao. and i wish people would get off kendrick nuts. he say the same shit every other rapper of this time says

    • hoeyuno

      They turn everything into a gay debate..haha

      • Breeze

        lol its annoying. cant even come on here and enjoy a good hip hop conversation about the subject at hand without it being twisted into some stupid shit

    • LuckieBabie

      Non and irrelevant are the same things. I suggest you learn why before you attempt to mention how grown some one else is….and make yourself look young in understanding. Hip hop is known for bashing gays, so why would it NOT be discussed on every hip hop site and dialogue? Especially since many of these men are “down low” and only acting straight. IJS seems pretty relevant to me.

      • Breeze

        Aww. . . Then theres always the idiots like yourself who come along and say the most idiotic shit. In your attempt to correct my grammatical mistake. . . You mistook yourself for being smart, having a reason to breathe and having a point. . . You have neither of the 3. That was possibly the most uneducated response I have ever read. Please go find a cliff to jump off and have a nice day

      • Breeze

        Oh and yes. . M there is a issue with grown men who constantly want to talk about other “gay” men. If thats the best you can come up with after reading this you my friend are a faggot. Eddie Murphy ass niggaz

  • Islamic_King

    For those who calls Kendrick overrated……the man has music with substance, I mean from lyrics to Story Telling. What more can you ask for as for the features he does his throwaway party tracks too. What more do you hip hop heads want from the dude? Is because he from the west coast and not NY, nobody new from there besides an PE & Joey Badass crew is doing what Kendrick is doing and I barely here folks from there big him up. Homie is what the game needs at this point to open the doors for the Jay Electronicas etc. to get the shine they deserve when they drop homie brought real rap back to the mainstream. Give the man his credit. -Peace

    • He gets credit, but KONY is waaaAAAYYYYy to much credit.

      • Islamic_King

        Man homie just basically saying he the King of Hip Hop people tend to forget after that statement follows “King of the Coasts” so that’s east, west, south, and north.

      • I like what he started with Control, making it the unofficial battle beat, but he’s far from the King.

        Black Thought gets no air play & you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would bet on K Dot in a battle with Black Thought.

        1 album does not a King make.

      • Islamic_King

        Black thought is a lyrical beast but Indeed the time the legendary roots band came out was during a time of Flash and shiny suits. Now if you know hip hop you had rappers like a BIG who said he was the best after there that’s why Wu-Tang thought he was a bitter/overrated etc. hell you even had Rakim on his first album talking hard on paid in full and they just he the scence at that point in ’87/’88 correct? So how is Kendrick overrated by doing the same? LOL from the looks of it he is underrated.

      • Rakim never claimed to be a KING, just a “Microphone Fiend.”

        Rakim had the real ALPO on his Paid N Full album cover, so if anything Rakim definitely had the ultimate street backing.

        New Jack City was based on Rich & Po.

        KDOT isn’t on the same level lyrically, in this day & age.
        KDOT isn’t the KONY & in reality, everyone from Joe Budden to Papoose gave it to him on their Control responses.

      • Islamic_King

        No im saying claiming to be the best…..I mean name any 80’s rapper who didn’t claim that, when you claiming king you claiming to be the best. Let’s be honest Pap just had aggression bar wise it wasn’t that impressive, Joell Ortiz is the only man that I would give it to when it came to responses.

        On the cool tho us having this GOOD HIP HOP debate is in showcase of Kendrick impact, I mean in some ways it’s the impact of Jay on D.O.A., only one of the new comers that will hang with him bar for bar will be Jay Electronica once he get tired of the Rothschild money LOL, But none the less brother we watching a Young King in motion.

      • I get what your saying, indeed, nothing wrong with him claiming to be the best, it would have went past unnoticed, minus the KONY line.

        Pap hit hard though when he addressed the feminization issue.

        What I like about Control, was the way he got others to flow on the same beat. Some battle ‘chet.

        Hip Hop needed that & always will.

        It’s just that he bugged out with the KONY line, but keeping his mouth shut about it was a power move.

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Exactly! Niggaz acting like you can be from NY and then claim you are the King of LA. LA would not have that….or if you say you are the king of Atlanta and you are from Brooklyn…please. I bet Waka Flaka can’t even play around and say he is the King of Atlanta because they would throw that Queens shit up in his face so fast. But they want to be selective with this shit…it’s all good…fuck em.

      • KDOT couldn’t even claim to be the King Of LA either.

        LA ain’t having that ‘chet!

        KRS has more albums than KDOT has songs & doesn’t claim KONY or KOLA…even though he could…& defend it it lyrically.

      • brotha_man

        he gotta get through mos def AKA yasiin bey before he can even look black thoughts way

    • Jordan FU

      He gets credit. But he released one album that, lets be honest, was good but not classic. I dont get why so many radio dj’s/hip hop journalists or websites are swinging from his nuts so hard. This King of _______ (south, LA, New York, Whatever) is dumb anyhow. What the f does King of NY even mean? Cant be talking about record sales cause that would not include Kendrick. If its radio spins, is he honestly the #1 most played hip hop artist in NY right now? If so thats pathetic, nothing negative about Kendrick, hes dope and lyrical which im behind big time. If being Lyrical is able to be sold/marketed because of this then thats an awesome outcome. But Kendrick isnt the best lyricists, maybe hes one of the best up and coming and one of the best at weaving lyrical ability into songs in a way that makes them more requested by the public (rather then dumbed down, slow club music). I never understood why people want to hear essentially dance music on their radio (like a good % of them are gonna be in their cars right? So why dance music?). I get why club music is played in….. clubs. But back to the pathetic thing, again its not a diss to Kendrick its more of a diss to NY radio and fans if they honestly dont back their local artists like the south does, or the west does. I think the bigger part of this is people are getting sick of gangster rap, especially due to these guys backgrounds not matching what they are claiming like for instance Rick Ross. I think people want real, or maybe more specifically original music and i think a guy like Kendrick is open about being himself and not claiming to be this or that type of person when he isnt. Like the fact hes from Compton he could go out and lie and say he was gang banging and killing and probably lots of people would fall for it. But he kept it real and told his story in an original way that isnt dumbed down music. I think getting to caught up on this who is the King of NY (Or south or west or wherever) is a waste of time. I mean it honestly just sounds f*cking stupid, im the King of NY. Its dumb, not provable or real and i think Kendrick meant it more as a metaphor (or analogy i dont know which best describes it) then he is literally in control of NY like a king. And it could/is just a marketing ploy that worked out great for him. He got mentions all over the states for one verse on a song that he is just featured on. So i think he gets controversy sells to an extent and how to create controversy.

      PS: Sorry this i so long i just ramble on and on my bad im sure its unreadable.

      • greenhouse records

        It was a metaphor. He was saying he embodies big and pac in his rhymes.

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  • If tupac had something to say to Kendrick he would have said it when he was living. Kendrick was a false flagger . Shad “BowWow” Moss knew what time it was. Where was Kendrick Lamar then? #NO THUG

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    So Atlanta isn’t ready to claim turning Hip hop into a minstrel show yet? I can’t wait until history tells this story. Outkast and Luda will shine on the E documentary but the rest of em…good lawd. Shit was embarrassing. I’m glad it’s about over though. And just like “ya’ll” turned ya backs on NY and talked bad about them…when everyone turns their back on Atlanta IMAGINE the shit they are going to say about “ya’ll”! Should be more respectful…cuz this shit does come back around.

    • DollasTX

      nigga if you blame atlanta for raps demise – you are a phuck face

      niggah said turned they backs on NY – nigga NY ostracized themselves way before outkast (who ny didnt accept at first) got on THE SCENE

      back when freak-nik and JACK THE RAPPER was first poppin –

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Back then in NY if u were dope…then eventually they will respect u. You just had to prove that shit. See nowadayz u don’t gotta prove shit and thats why the standards are so low…and nah I don’t blame Atlanta….I BLAME YOU NIGGA. And I hope NY ‘ostracizes’ itself again so they can regulate shit again because the gauge is all fucked up…but aye if u like it, I love it…You don’t think hip hop declined in the past few years…ever since it “left” NY then hopefully you get to hear more racks on racks on racks or whatever horribly autotuned rap love song hook u feelin.

    • greenhouse records

      Hip-Hop aint going back to NY. It will move back West b4 that happens. Yall better hold on to ur relics. Ur new cats wanna be from the South.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Aha Puffy. You might be king of the alcohol/Ciroc game in NY. But trying to wear a crown at the hip hop awards? He must think he inherited it through some business royalties when Biggie died. You need a f’n real NY rapper that writes his own rhymes to make a statement with that. That’s why he fumbled.

  • 10timesovaG

    It coulda been to Kendrick or to T.I Who knows with all the subliminal hate these days…Diddy good either way but DAMN

  • $18592567

    this site is starting to get wack w/the rumors. First Quik and then this…C’mon