Epic Fail of the Day: Ratchet Girls Twerk on NYC Subway Tracks

We get it, twerking has gone wild but sometimes it’s best to jump on trends within reason. That memo was lost on these two girls who thought it was a good idea to twerk on some NYC subway tracks. Um…third rail anyone?

  • Thenatural503

    Pretty sure you guys already posted this video….

  • so planking on top of phone booths was cool but twerking on train tracks isnt… gotcha

  • Jared

    Yah recycling rumors now?

  • Sean Power

    world star and camera phone has brought some shame to the black community

  • Immortal

    Is that a dude up front? And if that’s twerkin, then they need to go to the caramenkitten school of twerkin. They look like a dumb a$$ wanna be Miley Cyrus

    • SBRon

      Looks like a male….ZOMBIE!!

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    The lengths people will go for a little attention.