Aja Metoyer

Hip-Hop Rumors: Alleged Aja Metoyer Twitter Account Shades Gabrielle Union Then Claims It’s Fake

A Twitter account claiming to belong to Aja Metoyer, Dwyane Wade’s clandestine babymama, threw some shade at Gabrielle Union over the weekend but now the account claims that it’s not Metoyer.

This is the original series of tweets claiming to have had a 9-year relationship with Wade:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.55.03 PM


Those tweets have been deleted but not before they were captured. Why don’t people learn? Anyway, now this person claims that she isn’t Metoyer. Peep game:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.56.05 PM



Props to Rhymes With Snitch for the tip.

  • Kevin Anthony

    In other news..for all those who love Hip Hop..try this>>Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud . c o m

  • baller187

    wade gotta be heated, some chick he spunked up in on a 1 nighter is now havin his tropphy, he is good for 20,000 a month child support

    • BigHomie337

      Lol. I’m a Wade fan and I know it wasn’t a one night stand. He been hitting that for awhile.

      • cupcake333


    • Mildred Milly Lawrence-Newson

      Not true…They have been friends for a while. This is not the first time they slept together. He knew what he was getting into. He just finished a divorce.

  • remy730

    I ain’t never met a sane chick named Metoyer. they all look like her and are bi-polar to no ends.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Sure… We don’t believe you we need more ppl. Bigger question.. wtf is this doing on a hiphop site

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  • synergism

    i thought this was a hip hop site @fridayfoster is going to be the downfall of this site

    • Immortal

      too late

  • Mr. Bang Bang

    Do any of these Mf’ers RAP, GOT ON A HOOK, hell BEATBOX OR BREAKDANCE??? Take this shit to bossip or some shit let my girl read it there

  • king

    Ni$$€r $#!÷ @g@!n


    Seem like…if people don’t learn it’s either cuz there’s nothing to learn OR cuz in this day and age you can just say whatever, deny it, label those who catch fade haters, move on and get away with murder. #norobert!!!

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  • dbfromdc

    what is this hoe talking about, if she was messing with wade for 9 years that means she was also a side chick for over 5 years while wade was still married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these hoes will do anything for 5 mins of fame!!!!!!!!!!smfh

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  • i_am_LOUD

    Wade is just another dumb reckless athlete. What a lame.

  • cupcake333

    lord why do i get the feeling from this headline that black men side with a home wrecker like union .. they always liked her flat face grinning fake asss .. black men are some of the blindest of men then turn around and hate black women inwhole sick puppies .. and just think its a black woman who birth them .. union has no kids but if she did men would shunn her too. she would become the evil black woman who dropped a black man on his head when he was little lol … black men are just stupid ..
    union is the lowest of black women a bottom feedr , air head lieing .. faking like she love basket ball lier .. the basket ball wives all hate her cause the realize she has options and didnt take them .. they all married abunch of low grade ball chasing cheating dogs . cause they had to they felt pressured l…. rather than get a small baby moma check a month why not get the mansion and the dummy in it .. union is different set out to wreck havoc on wades family she has no kids of her own which she may be a little vindictive against mothers with kids and conniveving .. she surely is al ier … and will lie in a minute for wade ..she said he was on a break from what ./??? and who ..was bedding her and the baby moma for years so what is she talking about … wade knew aja moneyer the baby moma when he was with sauvaugh but she haad to many kids and he wanted a star a celeberitiy female so he could compete with lebron .. and he could never compete with king ..is he kidding his self … now he got more problems a angry bride, an vindictive baby moma , and hurt and vendictive ex wife whom he took her babies away the man might come up missing really .. and plenty of money … to pay off and hush up people he sure payed sauvaugh fuggies his boys moma to shut up she was going ham on him .she was on the street corner with a i need food sign loll. she tickle me to death .. put quest what you aint seen her there no more …lol . .
    he payed her afew millions to shut up ….and he gave her time with her kids too she sippin champagne and chillin in her mansion he tried to take from her .. lol what a joke i bet you he left that dam mansion alone when she got finish laying out the blue prints BOY MEN AND THEIR LITTLE PENISES JUST CANT DO WHATS RIGHT …