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50 Cent Has Crowd Diss Meek Mill

Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

Poor Meek Mill, the guy is still taking L’s even in the new year. 50 Cent killed Meek in what turned from a diss to an Instgram meme war; my how the game has changed. After Meek challenged 50 to donate water to those in Flint, Michigan, he also bowed out of the back and forth with 50. Clearly 50 isn’t done until he’s done. 50 recently had the crowd at his show at B.B. Kings diss Meek as well. It wasn’t long before 50 had the crowd screaming,

“F**k Meek Mill.”

He went on to say,

“From now on, no more competition with n— that didn’t sell over a million records.”

50 just won’t let it go!

  • If I were Meek this wouldn’t bother me one bit. When was 50’s last album and how many units did it move? Shiiiiit….. 50 will be 50. Let him do his diss thing. Let Meek do his own thing. I think hip hop has moved beyond 50’s ability to influence anything except the IRS and Bankruptcy lawyers. Maybe a few fans on this site….

    • Nightmare

      Look at White Jay Supreme defending Meek Mills like ” Pleeaaseee leave Meek alone”😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Juleo478

    50 has way bigger problems and ventures like power to be getting involved in rap beefs at this point in his career.

    He has spread himself to thin and has problems with too many people.50 works hard and has been grinding since he got on and even before that, but he just makes things 100x harder by burning way too many bridges.

    • Nyga07




  • Nightmare

    Meek is Grade A trash😩😩😩😂😂😂😂

  • Savimbi

    ironically, the last time 50 sold a million records was a decade ago. add to it having to pay millions to Ross’s baby mama, the depreciating value of the Mansion, the Sleek audio lawsuit, he actually needs to stop being in denial and accept Ls. Game is still doing worldwide tours, will this cat has been reduced to hosting clubs. Lol and Meek killed him on both I gave em hope and War Pain, anybody saying otherwise is just a stan or heavily influenced by social media.

    • Nightmare

      You said the last time 50 sold a million records was a decade ago. But Meek Mills has never sold a million records period ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Savimbi

        Declining record sales is not a myth. But compared to all his top counterparts, Jay, Dre, Eminem etc…50 has fallen HARD!!!! so take his peen out your mouth!!!!

      • Nightmare

        Doesnt matter if his sales have declined. He’s stilll a multi-platinum selling artist and Meek’s not. Men and Women lie. Numbers don’t. So take Meek’s bozack out of your mouth and his fingers out your brown eye. Now go watch reruns of 50 Cent’s “Power” #fingersinthebootyassbitch.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Controversy Sells

    I must say. . . All this shit corny. I understand the million records statement. . . But 50 be actin like the old uncle who served time and was part of a now dissolved street gang in the 80s, trying to prove he still a gangster. All over twitter harassing niggaz lol

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    OMG look guys. these 50 cent FANS are dissing a guy that dissed him lol. Trash article and Meek has been killing this dude on wax. 50 got it worse than Drake. This writer is biased as hell too. Sorry. Meek is up in 2016. Only people who don’t realize it is motherfuckers caught out in Social Media circle jerk. In Reality, Meek is still getting deals. Meek is still doing shows. Meek is still relevant. All you dudes were talking about is how 50 was gonna end MJeek career. Didn’t happen. Meek has bodied 50 3 times now. French still sh*ts on 50 on the regular. The Game is still alive and well. Officer Ricky bodied 50. He couldn’t take out a dude everyone knows was a cop. 50 has also been trying desperately to hop on Drake’s wave since 2011. He thought this Meek thing would be his way in. Don’t nobody care about a bunch of 50 fans dissing Meek. Get Meek fans to diss Meek. Then I’ll be impressed. The rest of ya’ll in here cosigning this need to go outside. You have been on the internet too long. Drake, at the status where he is HAS FAILED to eliminate Meek. Why the hell should he worry about some dude who hasn’t been hot in nearly a decade. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meek just started ignoring 50. 50 can’t do anything to Meek. To these young dudes 50 is just some old dude hating on Meek. Really. That’s all he is. You think these 19-20 year old dudes care about 50? Man please.

    • Nightmare

      You must really be hurting for Meek. You wrote a fncking novel.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • TheBlackItalian

      Ain’t nobody reading this long ass shit. You a Meek stan. Username checks out bruh.

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