Brian McKnight: Back For The First Time

Lately, Brian McKnight has been victimized by the music listening public’s mass narcolepsy. Nevertheless, B. McNeezy remains an R&B icon whose romantic songs have quietly influenced a generation, if not the population. Not only a singer, he’s a down-low musician, producer, athlete and biking enthusiast with thug-like undertones. Still, for over a decade he’s blessed… Read more »



Dwele: Deja Vu

Dwele: Deja Vu You gotta respect a man with a belly ring fetish—says he’s all about the details. With his debut album Subject Dwele conveys his adoration of the female being, in all her voluptuous and enigmatic entirety. Even if you’ve never heard of the Detroit native, bets are you’ll recall his smooth-as-Henny vocals on… Read more »



Monica: Through The Fire

To define anyone by the tragedies they’ve experienced is a mistake. The world is made up of those who have suffered. The ones we view as survivors and not victims are the ones who handle tragedy with grace. Until her life became tabloid fodder, Monica Arnold was considered one of the successes in this industry… Read more »



Lighting Up With Dudley Perkins

With three rap albums (Illmindmuzik, Andsoitisaid, Mad Men On Arrival), numerous quality singles, and assorted collaborations to his credit, Dudley Perkins, aka Declaime, is set to unveil his most personal work to date – a record under his real name, with no rapping – strictly him singing over his man Madlib’s beats. Heads got their… Read more »



Ashanti: She’s Back

Hello, haters, critics and general detractors. She’s still here. After a solid year, Ashanti, the princess of the Murder Inc crew, returns with her second coming – Chapter II. The lovely songstress takes a few moments to answer some brief questions about the turbulence on her flight to fame. Alternatives: What’s up with your… Read more »



Soul Calibur

What do jazz cats know about hip-hop, anyway? Plenty, if you ask Soulive. Comprised of brothers Alan and Neal Evans, and Eric Krasno, this East Coast band’s been blazing audiences worldwide with their distinctive brand of funked-out groove soul. In the few years since their inception, Soulive’s toured with a dizzying array of music icons:… Read more »



Kindred: The Family Soul

Kindred The Family Soul – Feature and Q&A Seandra Sims – Alternatives (March/April 2003) [An overzealous lighting technician has raised the house lights too soon.] "Why are the lights up? Are we done?!" "No!" yells back many of the more than 500 members of DC’s grown folk and bohemian set. The lights drop, and… Read more »