Blacks Are People Too Bill

Usually I ignore Bill O’Reilly. The man has absolutely no integrity or shame; and, like Rush Limbaugh, makes his money by appealing to the worse elements of Human nature. But I had to take pause at his comments about dining at Sylvia’s with Al Sharpton recently when he said:     “There wasn’t one person… Read more »



The Social Lounge: David Banner, Wendy Williams, Dr. Cornel West, Master P and Pharaohe Monch

For over four years, AllHipHop has hosted the Social Lounge, an ongoing series of discourse about issues in the Hip-Hop community. Last week, AllHipHop’s Social Lounge – a part of AllHipHop Week 2007 -was as ill as advertised. It offered a fervent, productive discussion between radio host Wendy Williams, rappers David Banner, Pharaohe Monch, Master… Read more »



What If Scott La Rock Lived?

Can it be that it was all so simple then?  In the short, event filled history of Hip Hop, there have been many pivotal events that, if different, may have changed the course of this music and this culture drastically.  One such event is the unfortunate death of Scott Sterling, co-founder of Boogie Down Productions. … Read more »



Good-Bye Scott La Rock

On August 27, 1987 it was the end of a beautiful era, and the beginning of a horrible trend.  That day, we lost Scott Sterling. Loving father.  Community activist. Social Worker. Hip-Hopper ‘til he breathed his last. What we gained was unfortunately the first major death in Hip-Hop.   Hip-Hop was still very new then,… Read more »



Striking Similarities: Rappers Vs. Bush

Hypocrisy is funny if not ironic.  When confronted with it, hypocrisy is a paradox that can cause a mature person to reevaluate themselves and their belief systems.  However in an emotionally stunted person, it can invoke disgust and anger when two seemingly contrasted viewpoints are brought beyond the surface.  For example, when we have third… Read more »



Walking With a Panther: The REAL Blueprint

1989 was the number.  Another summer.  De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising was leading the Daisy Age charge in full force along with The Jungle Brothers’ Done By The Forces of Nature for the first wave of the Native Tongue movement.  Peripherally, Queen Latifah followed Lakim Shabazz’s Pure Righteousness and dropped All Hail… Read more »



Stop Hatin on the South!

Hip-Hop is Dead.  S#!t ain’t like it was back in the day.  What happened to the Boom-Bap? I’m sure you’ve had your fill of these statements which have polluted our blogs, articles, and our whole way of thinking for the past three or four years.  Unless of course you’re one of the people making these… Read more »



Banner vs Reverend Al: We Need a Resolution

Reading David Banner’s smack down of Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey and the rest got me thinking about this whole ‘nigga’ and ‘ho’ controversy, and how petty it really is.   That’s not to say that the language of Hip-hop isn’t important—it is. Words signify ideas and ideas shape our reality, but likewise, in this issue,… Read more »



David Banner: Stop Attacking The Kids

To all the black ‘so called leaders’. Al, Oprah, Jesse, etc, etc, etc… I’m saddened by your current direction and current ‘pet projects’ you guys have taken under your wing at the expense of Young Black America. As an urban professional living in this crazy world, I dare ask, who are you leading? I listen… Read more »



It’s Joe Clair! B***h Ass Generation

“You actin’ like a lil’ b***h right now!” O-Dog in Menace II Society I know y’all ain’t gonna like this one. But I don’t care. There is a lot of b***hing goin’ on these days and it’s time we address it. By b***h I mean b***hy ways. B***hy attitude. B***hy….what’s the word I’m lookin’ for…… Read more »



Bonds to Hip-Hop: Hold The Asterisk

There aren’t many opportunities in your life time where you get to be a part of something that marks an era, or that designates a moment of achievement never before attained.  Last night, whether you saw it in person, watched it on television, or heard about it in the papers, you experienced Barry Bonds blast… Read more »



Dog This: Blame Hip-Hop For Everything!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been inundated with news, views and all sorts of commentary about celebrities, athletes and rappers gone wild. Now I’ve listened to more than few television pundits including those on the Today Show, The View and Regis & Kelly make the case that the multiple drunk driving incidents, possible… Read more »



Atlanta Has Wild Style

    In recent years, the Hip-Hop we see on television and hear on the radio has been reduced down to ridiculous clown images of men and women in oversized clothes or scantily clad dresses shaking oversized and unhealthy fat asses over and over again. When I hear Hip-Hop heads talk about the culture it makes… Read more »



The Lyricist’s Last Stand

“It’s Moment time!  It’s Moooment  Tiiiime!”  While I’m not a fan of Reverend Jesse, his words are very appropriate in understanding when to seize an opportunity. There are many pivotal points in history where an action could have gone left instead of right, and that moment would alter everything. Imagine if Rosa Parks wasn’t that… Read more »



Coulda Been a Contender: Presidential Underdogs

A while back I wrote an editorial titled Do Blacks Owe Democrats Their Vote that sparked a lot of comments concerning and praising Ron Paul, a libertarian who’s running for the Republican nomination for president. Reading those comments got me thinking about some of the other dark horses running in this election, most notably Dennis… Read more »



It’s No Longer Smart to Be Dumb

On July 17th, I will drop my seconnd solo album, Wise Intelligent iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor and I sincerely appreciate AllHipHop.com for giving me this opportunity to connect and build with you. Now conventional wisdom would say I should use this forum to exclusively promote my new album, but me being me I thought I… Read more »



Whatever Happened to Clark Kent?

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away rappers had character.  Or maybe rappers were characters.  Emcees had colorful monikers to match their colorful personalities.  Remember the Great Adventures of Slick Rick? Even the album cover with its cinema-inspired marquee evoked a view into another world; a fantasy sketched by words and beats. Now… Read more »



Get Serius: Win-Win

  What up world! Yes, it is him again. Serius Jones a.k.a. the Fight Klub King, a.k.a. the Cornerstore Entrepreneur a.k.a. the J-One-S the only great one left, back for the first time.  I’m about to go in again and just vent some random thoughts in a real college professor-esque fashion as always. After getting… Read more »



Do Blacks Owe Democrats Their Vote

  In the past decade or so this question has gained momentum in the black community, and, depending who you ask, the answers will vary wildly, but will always be expressed with great passion. My father will call any black person who doesn’t vote Democrat a fool and to him it’s a very simple matter… Read more »



The Inspiration Called Young Jeezy

“[My] attitude [is] like f**k it, they hating anyway.” Young Jeezy, “Corporate Thuggin’” If I were to die suddenly under odd circumstances and the law, my family or friend would look at what happened they would probably stumble on a few odd trends in my life. Upon looking at my music playlist, they would see… Read more »



Black Rapping School

Writer, entertainer Mighty Casey has compiled a course listing for the Black Rapping School! Check out the Course Book! Misogyny 101. In this class upcoming rappers will learn techniques such as making it rain on hoes, pouring champagne on bitches and swiping credit cards down the cracks of fat asses. Advanced students will learn how… Read more »



Facedown In The Mainstream: Cultural Pimpin’ & Hip Hop

“Think it is when it ain’t all peaches and cream/That’s why some are found floating face down in the mainstream.” –OutKast (Excerpt from the song, “Mainstream” off the album, ATLiens) Over a decade ago, Hip-Hop theologians OutKast used their southern-fried flow to send an impassioned plea on their seminal track, “Mainstream:” Don’t let a little… Read more »



Get Sirius: Hip-Hop Under Fire

First of all, I would like to say welcome to all those who may be unfamiliar with whatI do here on AllHipHop.com. When I’m not breaking rappers down in my digestive system, redecorating some walls or trying to make some historical music, yes, I do get journalistic with it as well. I was taught to… Read more »