Local Rapper Arrested For Threatening Lyrics

A rapper in Cleveland, Ohio was indicted last week

after leaving what authorities allege were threatening CD’s on car windshields

in a local high school’s parking lot in January.

Kevin Beebe, 19, of Jefferson, left

CD’s with just an email address on car windshields. Authorities allege the lyrics

on the CD’s contained violent language, references to the Columbine school shootings,

references to suicide and aggressive lyrics aimed at students, local police

and the principle.

Alarmed by the lyrics, schools in the surrounding

areas were put on alert for three days as authorities attempted to apprehend


When Beebe learned authorities were attempting

to find him, he turned himself in and was charged with two felony counts of

inducing panic and two misdemeanor offenses of menacing.

Beebe’s attorney maintained that the rapper was

simply promoting his music and wasn’t out to harm anyone. Furthermore, Kurchasrski

said that Beebe was protected by the First Amendment which ensures his freedom

of speech and that he didn’t cause panic.

Prosecutors maintain that the references to the

grizzly Columbine shootings were the cause of the panic.

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