Olympic Committee Forces Kutmasta Kurt To Change Album Title

The Olympic Committee

has come down KutMasta Kurt, wrestling with the Hip-Hop artist over his latest

album title, which was originally called Redneck Olympics.

According to representatives for Kurt, the Committee has forced

him to change the name of his album, due to use of the word Olympics, which

the Committee says they own.

"This came as a huge surprise to us" a spokesperson

for Kurt’s label, Waxploitation Records said. "How on Earth can the US

Olympic Committee own the name ‘Olympics’? If a term created by

the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago is not in the public domain, we don’t

know what is. Seriously, who is going to confuse the Redneck Olympics with the

modern Olympic games?”

Interestingly, the title was only forced to be changed in the

United States, where it will be rechristened Redneck Games.

Kurt’s album will keep the Redneck Olympics title

outside of the United States.

Though potentially disastrous since Kurt’s PR campaign

kicked off months ago, the producer kept his humor about the situation.

"Obviously the Olympics are hating on my skills behind

the tractor wheel," Kurt said in jest. "…And they can’t deny

that pig fighting used to be an original event when the Greeks started it way

back in the day. They need to step off!"

Redneck Games

will hit stores before the end of the year in the United States and features

rare tracks and previously unreleased music by Beastie Boys, Mos Def, Kool Keith,

Grand Agent, Planet Asia, Mr. Lif, PMD, Del Tha Funkee Homosapean and others.

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