Battle For Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Estate Continues In Court

The legal wrangling

over Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s finances continues, as two women with children by the

deceased rapper appeared in Brooklyn Surrogate Court last week, to object and

complain about the handling and accounting of ODB’s estate. According

to The New York Post, Suzy Wong and Cheryl McCall both have 11-year-old

boys fathered by ODB, born Russell Jones. Wong

and McCall appeared in court and claimed that ODB’s current estate administrator

and widow, Icelene Jones blew over $225,000 since the rapper collapsed and died

of a heart attack inside of Wu Tang’s Manhattan based 36 Records, in Nov.


has three children with ODB, who also has five other children out of wedlock.


and McCall allege that Icelene, who was legally ODB’s wife, had almost no contact

with him for years. "We

wanted to make objections to Icelene being the administrator, and her accounting,"

Wong said. "She’s playing the sorry and sad widow, but the truth is they

hadn’t had a marital relationship for 12 years."Two

other women says the estate owes over $266,000 in back child support for a son

and a daughter, while a woman in Pennsylvania with a daughter fathered by ODB

hasn’t requested any money. ODB’s

mother Cherry supports the women’s claims against Icelene, who denied squandering

the money. In court papers, Icelene blamed the estate’s issues on her former lawyer,

Steven Mandel. Icelene

also claimed that Cherry misused between $200-$500,000 of the estate’s funds.


estate earned $122,000 between June 2005 and Aug. 2006. Those earnings are expected

to increase significantly, when ODB’s posthumous album A Son Unique hits

stores. A

Son Unique features guest appearances by Missy Elliott, Macy Gray, RZA, Raekwon,

Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Pharrell, N.O.R.E., Clipse and others. The

release has been delayed by a dispute with mogul Damon Dash, who owns the rights

to the album. ODB’s

former manager Jared Weisfeld claims Dash owes the estate over $200,000 due to

a previous contract with ODB.

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