Bow Wow Gets Down To Business, Investing In NBA Team


may be Bow Wow’s present occupation, but the rapper is laying the groundwork

for life beyond the mic with various business ventures. Among

those is Prestigious, a shoe store he co-owns with Atlanta radio personality Greg

Street. The

store is the first taste of business success away from the music industry for

Bow Wow, who plans on opening another sneaker store, franchising his first McDonald’s

and sharing ownership of an NBA basketball team. "I

can’t say what team yet, but it’s definitely gonna go down with a certain

NBA team," Bow Wow told and hinted that news about the investment

will be made public at the end of next month. Those

wondering if Bow Wow’s pursuit of acting has taken a backseat need not worry.

The multi-tasking emcee is taking steps to make major moves on the big screen."I

have a lot of stuff on the table," Bow Wow said. "I want to do two movies

this year and I definitely have the opportunity to do so. Be expecting two movies

out of Bow Wow. Two big movies out of me. I guarantee one of these could possibly

be, if I do this movie, could definitely be like an Oscar role or an Oscar movie

for sure."With

Blacks making strides at the recent Academy Awards, the opportunity seems right

for the rapper to make an impression. "Black

Hollywood is definitely wide open and I’m just trying to really go ahead

and take it over now," Bow Wow shared. "I got the opportunity to do

so. Why not?" Despite

the surge in extracurricular activities, Bow Wow is aware that his good fortune

stems from what got him to the table.

The rapper, who is currently gearing up for a summer tour, will soon be heard

alongside Mariah Carey on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s forthcoming album Strength

and Loyalty."Music

has always been something that I love to do, but at the same time it’s opened

up a lot of doors for myself to tap in to different markets," said Bow Wow,

who is anxious to get back into the studio to start work on the follow up to his

most recent album, The Price Of Fame "Luckily, these markets

have been things that I’ve been dying to do and that I really want to do

as far as movies and other business ventures, so life is great right now, I can’t

complain at all," Bow Wow said.

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