Hip-Hop Rumors: Hot 97 Boss Talks Mister Cee Situation!


DJ Mister Cee of Hot 97 finds himself in controversy as he has been charged with solicitation of a male prostitutes and his cohorts are commenting on the matter. , the popular DJ at Hot 97, was arrested for trying to solicit a male prostitute. according to reports. As you may know, Cee was arrested on Saturday for trying to hook up with a male hooker. Not a lot of people have commented, but program director Ebro Darden is talking on the social network Twitter! Whoa! What’s to come of Mister Cee at this point. My thoughts: if Cee was a regular dude, he’d have lost his job.

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Now you know, last time Cee got col’ busted, Flex was riding crazy for his boy. This time around, he’s just doing his job and reporting what happened. Damn. Must hurt a bit.

On the flip side, all is quiet on the twitter front, even from the other people at Power 105. But a lot of people will be listening to see what they have to say.

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