Hass Irv: No Patience

Hass Irv is next up to blow out of Harlem , New York. He literally has ‘No Patience’, the name of his debut EP that just dropped.

Hass Irv has “No Patience”… literally. Hailing out of New York, home to some of the illest rappers in the game, the West African artist puts his all into his music — creating nothing but bangers for his growing fanbase. Having spent time back home in Africa until age 7 when he moved back to Harlem, real name Hassan Kone quickly became immersed in both the hip-hop and fashion scene.

Coming up in high school reselling sneakers, being surrounded by the culture led Hass to discover music would be his end-be-all. His bars are hard, his energy is turnt, his lyrics are gritty, his sound is one-of-a-kind. Plus, he already also has a rare cosign from Pusha T and a song placement on HBO’s Euphoria.

He describes himself as “the leader of the new school. An emerging artist who’s experimenting with a lot of new sounds, figuring out how to mix having fun with taking over the industry.”

Now, he finally unleashes his debut EP titled No Patience. AllHipHop caught up with Hass Irv in downtown Los Angeles to discuss roots in Harlem, Pusha T moment, favorite songs off the project, and more!

AllHipHop: You came to the States at age 7, from Africa right?

Hass Irv: I was born in New York, my mother lived in Harlem. At the age of 2, my parents divorced and sent me to Africa. When I came back, it was about really fitting in and getting accustomed to the lifestyle of being a New Yorker. Being from Harlem. Maturing and learning that swag.

AllHipHop: What did you soak up in Africa?

Hass Irv: I learned a lot about my traditions. Being humble, having humility, having a sense of respect for my elders and people around me. When I came back, I absorbed being American differently from other people who are raised here. They’re from where I’m from, but didn’t get to go back home. I got to see everything from a different perspective.

AllHipHop: At what point did music become real for you?

Hass Irv: s##t, when I started getting good feedback from everybody. Friends, people around me, a lot of close homies to me were listening to the little roughs I had, hyping me up and telling me “keep working.” I was feeding off of the reactions honestly. I wanted the reaction to keep getting bigger and for more people to hear me to see if they like it or not. If not, it’s over.

AllHipHop: How would you describe your sound?

Hass Irv: My sound’s intricate, versatile. It can’t be described as one. A lot of the times when I go in the studio, I base it off of my emotions or what’s going on in real life. It’s hard for me to pinpoint one sound because it’s all truth.

AllHipHop: How did you link with Rich The Kid on “Celine”?

Hass Irv: It was dope. A friend of a friend set it up. It was really last minute, everything happened so quickly. It happened that same day. The session was a lot of energy, we made the song in 30 minutes.

AllHipHop: What did that collab do for your career?

Hass Irv: It was cool!, I wish I would’ve pushed it more. At the time I did it, I was young so a lot of my new fans are just now hearing about it. Down the line, my fans will appreciate it. I myself know I could’ve pushed it even more. It’s still a good record though, one of my favorites.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to have your debut EP, No Patience, out?

Hass Irv: It feels amazing. I finally have a project out, it’s called No Patience because I really had no patience. I was waiting forever to drop it, it’s finally out now. It feels good to be able to tell my fans that I’m here to stay for good. No Patience is a message to my fans to tell them: “I don’t want to hold myself back. I’m not gon’ let anybody hold me back anymore. I’ma do this for y’all and for me.”

AllHipHop: Favorite songs on the project and why?

Hass Irv: “Nice Day” and “Geronimo.” I like those 2 because I was having fun. I remember those studio sessions, I was putting in a lot of good energy and positive vibes. I love being in the studio with just the people, that energy. Protect your energy. I love to be around because when I’m in that zone, I flourish. It doesn’t have to be forced, it always comes out beautifully.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

Hass Irv: Good weed, pretty females, and my team. We’re going to make a hit every time.

AllHipHop: The “No Patience” record itself is superlit.

Hass Irv: I made it at my house all with my bros, it was dope. My boy had just come from LA. It goes over my head sometimes that we made such a good record in the house. Looking back, it was the same as being in the studio. That energy when you’re with the guys, a dope beat comes on and feeling it.

AllHipHop: How’s your fanbase back home compared to elsewhere?

Hass Irv: Back home, it’s always love. I built a community around myself: fly people, fly cats still figuring themselves out like me. Young people who want to express themselves, channel it. Everywhere I go, I try to attract the same type of people who are like myself. I don’t try to fake myself or force any relationships. I like to keep myself around people who are young and experimenting, out here tryna live life until they find out what’s their calling.

AllHipHop: Pusha put you on his 1800 Seconds compilation album, how’s it feel to have his cosign?

Hass Irv: That’s a legend. That’s my brother right there. Shout out to Push, I appreciate him for everything. Being a person that I could say I was in the studio and got some insight from, that’s big for artists coming up from Harlem. Coming from a small part of a big city and being able to extend my reach over an artist who’s a legend in Virginia and has reach all across the globe.

AllHipHop: How’d that happen?

Hass Irv: Wayno set that up. Shout out to Wayno, his mans.

AllHipHop: How do you know Wayno?

Hass Irv: Being a cool kid from Harlem. I’m also Muslim, so that helped us build our relationship as brothers through religion. Aside from that, he got word of mouth through me working and making a name for myself out of Harlem.

AllHipHop: How was it hearing yourself in Euphoria? [“Secrets”]

Hass Irv: s##t, crazy. I found out after the show had aired. The first episode came out, someone called me like “yo, your song is on Euphoria.” I’m like “my song’s on Euphoria?” I watched the pilot episode and heard “Secrets,” like wow! First thing I did was go figure out the business, had to make sure I had my mines. It was a great feeling. A blessing to be on such a dope show that almost all my friends watch, everybody I know watches.

AllHipHop: How did you find your way to Asylum Records?

Hass Irv: Working with Wayno (VP, A&R, Asylum). Getting it out the mud, keeping our head down working together. Working in silence. When the time came, we struck.

AllHipHop: How was being featured in the Dapper Dan x Gucci campaign?

Hass Irv: That was dope. I got a call from my manager, he said “you got a Dapper Dan shoot next week.” I was ready, I was made for that. I’ve always wanted to get my feet wet with modeling. I’m not 100% sure I want to be a full-time model, but that’s something I aspire to do. Being that Dapper Dan is really well-known in Harlem, notorious for being a fashion icon all throughout Harlem and the world honestly, felt like it was a trophy they gave me. I was so happy that day.

AllHipHop: Talk about your love for sneakers & reselling business.

Hass Irv: I love sneakers. I got them Off-White 5’s on right now, I spent damn near $1000. I have an addiction. I started buying sneakers with my own money in high school. I always wanted sneakers, but I could never really afford it. I started reselling, keeping myself around people who are into what I’m into. Going into high school, I was hanging out with sneakerheads and got into that community. Even being a sneakerhead helped me make a name for myself with music.

AllHipHop: How so?

Hass Irv: Before I even got into music, I really had 5000 followers off sneakers and fashion. Everybody thought I was a model.

AllHipHop: You’re so tall, were you playing any sports at all?

Hass Irv: I played basketball in middle school. Sports weren’t really my thing. I knew I wanted to be something.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

Hass Irv: Tell my fans to be yourself. Never let anyone write your story, you write our own story. We all gon’ figure it out. Move at your own pace. It’s a marathon not a race.