EXCLUSIVE: Lil Durk Talks Merging with French Montana and Coke Boys


(AllHipHop News) Def Jam Recording Artist Lil Durk recently sat down with AllHipHop and revealed what it’s like to build with French Montana even merging his OTF (Only the Family) Brand with Montana’s Coke Boy Imprint.

The first collaboration between the two will come on the upcoming Coke Boys album.

French workin’ on the Coke Boy album, he gave me a couple tracks to get on and do that, I put him on the “Ls Anthem” Remix. ..we really building each other bond right now still , I’m rocking with him hard… one hundred percent”

Durk continued on about how French will also give input on his upcoming mixtape Signed to the Streets.

“He’s giving me ideas and stuff about my mixtape to make it more better ,because he’s got experience”

Durk touched on how he almost went with Dreamchasers after building relationships with both Meek Mill and Lil Snupe

“Everywhere else has to many people , like Dreamchasers has like 6 people , and they got a relationship …me going over there  they not going to put anybody new in front of their people .. I look at it like French look at everybody even…you just got to build yourself up to be next… I mess with Chinx (Drugz) though”

A budding relationship with Meek and Lil Snupe almost pushed Durk to Dreamchasers before Snupe’s untimely death

“Before I was fu**ing with French , they wanted me to come to DC or Coke Boys , me an him (Snupe) were talkin on the phone he was like ‘Do what you Feel ..either way we going to be the hottest young ni**as,'” Lil Durk told AllHipHop.com. “You know Snupe was ..we was in Houston together rocking out , face timing that was my homie .. when I went to jail my baby momma had told me (he died) .. s**t fu**ed me up , you aint got no time but to think , you only leave out your cell one time a week”

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