Cher Fell In Love With Alexander A.E. Edwards Via Text

AE Edwards and Cher

Pop legend Cher explains just how her controversial romance with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards was sparked!

Cher has shared details about her romance with Alexander “A.E.” Edwards.

During an interview with People, the iconic singer, 77, gushed about her romance with the 37-year-old music executive.

When addressing the fact that their relationship has been fuelling headlines over the last few months, Cher said that she’s “not surprised.”

“Alexander’s got diamond teeth, tattoos, white hair, and he’s way younger. He’s a beautiful man,” Cher said. “Also, I think it’s fun to be interested in somebody else’s love life!”

The duo first met one year ago “for about 15 minutes” during Paris Fashion Week when a mutual friend gave Alexander Cher’s number.

“It was really shocking because people just don’t give out my number,” Cher stated. “I had been telling all my friends, ‘We’re too old to go out with really younger men, and I will never fall in love on text.’ So I did what I said not to do!”

Cher noted that she broke her rules for her now-boyfriend because he is “just so special.”

“I hate when people say people are special, but lots of people say I’m special, so I can say that he’s special,” she quipped. “No matter what happens, I love being with him. He makes me laugh, and we have fun. What I learned is that it’s never too late. If you wrote out all the statistics, you would go, ‘Well, this is doomed.’ But we’ve been together a year, and if it was just a year, it would’ve been worth it. I’ve had the best time.”

On top of being romantically involved, the duo are also collaborators. Alexander produced Cher’s new track Drop Top Sleigh Ride, which will be a part of her upcoming album, Christmas.

Cher said of her beau, “He’s a great producer.”