J Prince Defends Jay-Zs NFL Deal With Message To Haters

J Prince weighs in and talks about Jay Z’s new deal with the NFL.

(AllHipHop News) Roc Nation boss Jay Z may have just received the co-sign he needed to execute his high-level plans with the NFL.

Last week, Jay Z unveiled a sweeping partnership with the NFL under the league’s “Inspire Change” initiative.

The rap star has been accused of “selling out” Colin Kaepernick, who was blackballed from the NFL over his “Take A Knee” protests.

Everyone from Cardi B and Rihanna to NFL players Eric Reid and Kenny Stills has weighed in on the issue with opposing views.

Now the Rap-A-Lot founder has issued his opinion.

“Jay-Z is not a sellout. I’ve known this brother for years and being a sellout is something I’ve never witnessed in all the years I’ve known him,” J Prince said.

J Prince also said he had an immense amount of respect for Colin Kaepernick’s position as well, but he made it clear who he was riding with. He even agreed with Jay’s opinion that kneeling was good, but measurable action is needed to make a real change from within the NFL.

“We all know as babies and as adults, we had to crawl before we walk. So to paraphrase Jay-Z, the kneeling was good, now it’s time to walk and eventually we shall run.”

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