Max B Speaks On Chinx’s Murder (AUDIO)


Another one of Chinx’s closest friends have come forward to speak on his death. Max B called from behind bars to share his sympathies about his lost friend.

“This s–t is just senseless,” he said in audio posted by Revolt. “Ain’t even no explaining it. “We lost another young, inspiring brother.”

He said uncalled for killings like Chinx’s  “take us back another 30, 40 years.” The Harlemnite went on to reminisce on he and Chinx’s friendship and said that they weren’t heard on wax together due to him standing trial at the time.

“We all used to be in my crib, French, me, him,” he said. “I’d be with Chinx every day, Chinx used to spend the night at my joint. We used to be making music and s###. People really don’t hear us on songs together because at the time he used to come stay in my spot, I was on trial, so I was goin’ through my own s###, I was stressed out, I wasn’t really making no music when I had started trial. So that’s the only reason people don’t hear us on songs together.”

Max also called for young black men to stop killing each other due tot he hostile climate between the black community and the police.

“They shooting us and getting away with it and we’re killing each other right on top of it.”

Listen to the audio below.