MF Doom Estate Auctioning Off Augmented Reality NFT

MF Doom Mask

The rap star’s estate is raising funds in a forward-thinking campaign. 

It has been half a year since the transitioning of the iconic MF DOOM. 

While the world found out about his death on New Year’s Eve, his family revealed that it was actually October of 2020 he left terra firma. 

It has recently been revealed that last October the “Cookie Chips” rapper also launched an augmented reality NFT by auctioning some autographed AR masks, becoming the first rapper to successfully operate in this space. 

Now, the MF DOOM NFT Collectors are planning to auction some of these exclusive pieces to benefit the lyricist’s estate. 

This revolutionary move into NFT, particularly in concert with the MF DOOM estate, could change wealth-building models.

“MF DOOM passed on Oct 31st, 2020, one day following the close of the original Illust Space beta auction making this one of MF DOOM’s final collaborations. Due to blockchain’s immutable and decentralized ledger technology, all of MF DOOM’s AR NFT collection will be available for future generations of fans and collectors, creating a new model for royalties and posthumous creative control legacies,” a rep for the rapper’s estate said in a statement. 

MF Doom
MF Doom

 “The Future of Artist Royalties: NFT’s and Smart Contracts allow artists to maintain authorship, define commissions, and even manage future changes for their work long after the first sale of the piece.”

According to a press release, an augmented reality NFT marketplace called Illust Space will partner with Rhymesayers, MF DOOM’s wife Jasmine, and the estate to host an MF DOOM crypto auction.

The auction started on Thursday, March 11th, and will end on Friday, March 12th at 10PM PST. 

10% of total proceeds go to MF DOOM’s estate. 

The estate will also receive an individualized donation from those who already own the masks that have the estimated value of 10 to 50 eth ($15,000-$75,000).

 To donate to the MF DOOM fund, click here to access his Ethereum wallet.