NLE Choppa Shoots His Shot At GloRilla After Her Revealing Post 

NLE Choppa GloRilla

NLE Choppa has been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to shoot his shot at fellow Memphis rapper GloRilla. 

NLE Choppa has had his eye on GloRilla for some time, waiting for the right moment to shoot his shot, which appears to have arrived.  

Last month, the “S### Me Out” hitmaker said his fellow Memphis rapper was getting “thicker,” and he was one post away from making a move.  

“Glo on fire,” NLE said during an interview with BET’s Brian “B-Mac” McIntosh. “She got three ones in a row and she probably got some more in the tuck. She making the city look good.” 

Honing in GloRilla’s looks, NLE Choppa continued, “She’s getting a little thicker. We see you. That ass getting fat now, Glo. We see what you’re doing. She must’ve been on her oats. I don’t know what she’s doing, but she’s getting there now.” 

He added, “She ‘bout one more picture away before I’m just there with it.” 

On Monday (July 8) GloRilla posted the pic NLE Choppa was waiting for. She took to social media with a trio of mirror selfies captioned “Moose Knuckle Monday.” 

The post and caption gave a nod to lyrics from Glo’s viral “TGIF” hit. “Crop top with some bikers shorts, I’m showin’ off my moose knuckle,” she raps. The term refers to the outline of a woman’s private parts when wearing tight clothing.  

The post was a hit with NLE Choppa, who told GloRilla, “this the post,” alongside a clip from his recent interview.   

GloRilla saw the funny side of his post, brushing off his advances with a series of laughing emojis, which NLE Choppa returned. 

Glo’s “Moose Knuckle Monday” sparked a trend with fans sharing their own photos.