Eminem In Negotiations To Copy Proof New LP

Eminem, Universal and Interscope Records are in negotiations to make Eminem’s 3rd LP, "The Eminem Show," copy proof. If approved, the LP would be the most significant release embedded with the technology, being adopted by major labels to combat consumer piracy. Universal is using technology developed by an Israeli based company, Midbar. Consumers have complained […]

Tenants Don’t Want Jay-Z

According to published reports , Jay-Z is attempting to buy a $7.5 million duplex penthouse in Manhattan, but residents are outwardly against it. Some of the more vehement tenants have even threatened to sue if the current owners of the duplex attempt to sell the place to Jay. Many of the residents said that Jay’s […]

Snoop Goes Undacova on Soundtrack

With “Undacova Funk,” Snoop Dogg has lent his already funky persona as the lead single for the Undercover Brother soundtrack. The soundtrack actually features old soul classics as the primary songs on the soundtrack, yet Snoop and Lil’ J appear on the soundtrack to do hip-hop songs. Lil J, who was discovered by LL Cool […]

P. Diddy To Release Remix Album

Sean "P.Diddy" Combs is preparing to release "We Invented The Remix," instores 5/14. In addition to the 13 remixes, the enhanced CD also contains a photo gallery of the Bad Boy family, the videos "Special Delivery," "I Need A Girl" (Part II) and other features. The CD features Ashanti, Snoop Dogg, M.O.P., Busta Rhymes, Biggie […]

Capone Gets Off

Charges against Capone of Capone-N-Noreaga were dropped yesterday in Queens. Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt dismissed the charges due to lack of evidence against Capone. According to Capone’s lawyer, the charges were dismissed because the police arrested the wrong person in connection with a dispute at Club Juan Pachanga in Queens, New York last September. The police […]

Treach Acting/ Naughty #1

Naughty By Nature’s Treach has signed on to play in HBO’s newest series, "Baseball Wives." Treach will play a baseball player in the series, which focuses on a fictitious major league baseball team and the trials and tribulations that the baseball players wives must endure. Tom Fantana who is the creator of the critically acclaimed […]

Suge’s Former Lawyer Fined

David Kenner, former attorney for Suge Knight, was sentenced to three years probation and fined $10,000 in connection with failing to file his income tax return for 1994, when earned over $4 million dollars. Kenner was supposed to file that years return by October 15th, 1994. He was informed in February of 1997 that he […]

Russell Supports Reparations for Blacks

Russell Simmons is donating a portion of sales from his Phat Farm Classic sneaker to aid in the cause of Reparations for African-Americans. The Hip-Hop Research and Education Fund is being coordinated with Dr. Manny Marble, Randal Robinson, Cornel West and others. “Even if there are no lawsuits won, young African-Americans should know their history. […]

KRS-ONE Responds to Nelly

Blastmaster KRS-ONE denies that he was singling out Nelly in his song “Clear Em Out.” In a prepared statement, KRS-ONE makes his position clear even though he acknowledges Nelly has a dis-reply already on the market. The statement reads as follows: Last summer a producer and friend asked me to spit some lyrics on a […]

Ice-T Narrates MTV Documentary

Ice-T will narrate MTV’s "Back To The Hood Again," which is a follow up documentary to 1992’s "Straight From The Hood," which interviewed people on the streets of Los Angeles after the deadly race riots. The new documentary returns a decade later, which speaks to young people that survived the riots, which were the most […]

B-Boy/B-Girl Summit Coming

The B-Boy Summit, now in its 8th year and one of the largest and most respected in America is preparing it’s annual networking conference. Running June 28-30, 2002, it showcases new talent in dance (breaking, poppin, locking, boogaloo, freestyle), Art (Fashion, Aerosol murals, blackboo, video and computer technology, print), Music (Deejay culture, breaks, hip-hop, club […]