Popular Rapper’s Dad To Take Stand Against His Own Son In Upcoming Murder Trial


Police have moved the rap dad, who they believe is the head of the ATK gang, out of the county jail for his safety.

Ksoo’s father will testify against his son when the rapper stands trial for first-degree murder.

According to First Coast News, the Jacksonville artist’s dad, Abdul Robinson Sr., will be working with prosecutors who are trying to put both of his sons away for several murders. 

Hakeem “Ksoo” Robinson, 23, is charged with first-degree murder. Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, is charged with second-degree murder. What makes this worse is that the dad is also charged in this case.

Poppa Ksoo is charged as an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

As AllHipHop.com, Ksoo allegedly killed Adrian Gainer (aka Bibby) in February 2019 and Charles McCormick (aka Lil Buck) in January 2020. The rapper has been locked in the Duval County jail for close to two years after being charged with Buck’s death in 2020.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty.

Law enforcement officers and the prosecution are going after Ksoo since he is believed to be the trigger man. But his father, the agencies believe, is the leader of the gang that the rapper reps, Ace’s Top Killers (ATK).

While New York and Chicago have drill and Atlanta is the home of trap, it seems that the Florida boys, like Ksoo and others, are popularizing the genre called “murder rap,” where they rhyme about offing opps in rival gangs.

As related to this case, “Who I Smoke” mentions Bibby directly.

In this case, songs like these may be brought into question as ATK vs. KTA are rival gangs who use their rap music videos to detail their street beef and killings. 

ATK counts rappers like Yungeen Ace and Ksoo as members, while KTA has rappers like Foolio, Spottem Gottem and Y&R Mookey, who was just found guilty of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in a large scale operation of the gangs the Feds called “Operation Rap Up.”

Y&R Mookey is awaiting sentencing. During his trial, prosecutors used his rap lyrics, and videos to convict the rapper. 

This would align with the headline-grabbing case of two other rap stars, Young Thug and Gunna. In the two Georgia natives’ RICO cases, the prosecution will use their lyrics as evidence against them in the court of law.

Experts suggest Florida will most certainly follow suit.

Court records show Abdul Robinson Sr. has agreed to testify as a witness for the state in the case about Lil’ Buck’s brutal murder. Eyes are on him, and the police know it. 

The father has been moved out of the Duval County Jail for his safety.