YK Osiris Accused Of Gipping Jeweler Out Of $20K For Audemars Piquet Watch

YK Osiris

The rapper told his debtor that he gave the watch to his dad because he owed him money.

A celebrity jeweler is saying one of Hip-Hop’s brightest stars is a thief.

Seth Grossman, a jeweler who has worked with tons of stars and founder of Essential Watches, says that YK Osiris agreed to purchase an Audemars Piquet watch but never paid for the $20,000 expensive timepiece, according to TMZ Hip Hop.

Sean Kingston introduced the two in 2020, which gave the “Money Keep Coming” rapper a certain level of esteem.

At that time, YK Osiris persuaded Grossman to sell the piece and he allowed him to sport it.

To add insult to injury, the recording artist exchanged information regarding his accountant so that he can do a wire transfer for the price of the watch. However, Grossman said that never panned out, despite YK Osiris initially corresponding with him and telling him the money was coming.

However, after a while, Grossman said the rapper started to change his number and basically dodge conversations about paying for the flossy accessory.

In fact, one time, he told the jeweler that he no longer had the watch and that he gave it to Kingston, asking him to return it.

Another time, the rapper said his dad stole the AD after he didn’t pay him. The father said the watch would be payment for unpaid management services.

Whatever the excuse is, YK Osiris might be looking at a lawsuit. Grossman is looking to sue him even though he would rather pour his energy into his business, 90210 Watches.