Dice Raw Speaks On Black Thought Ghost Writers Accusations!

Dice Raw fires back on those that saved black thought needed a ghost rider at any point in his career.

(AllHipHop Rumors) One thing is for sure, and two things are for certain! We don’t believe that  Black Thought of The Roots needed a ghostwriter in his career. The man has been rapping forever and is one of the most revered lyricists is in Hip-Hop. He’s like the best RIGHT NOW, along with Royce Da 5’9″. 

The singer Jaguar Wright said a lot of things about a lot of people, and most of those things were bad. But from a pure Hip-Hop point of you, the idea that Black Thought had ghost riders is one of the most unsettling things I’ve heard in a long time. Obviously, this is not including the Common sexual impropriety claims! 

Dice Raw, one of the other crewmembers, has recently stepped in to check that notion. He is one of the other dope rappers in The Roots collective from Philly. He is also on “Clones” with Malik B and has always been nice. He’s also written quite a few hooks in songs with The Roots also too. So it needs to be stated that he is dope in his own right! Matter of fact, Jaguar Wright said DICE RAW was one of the Black Thought ghostwriters, not just Malik B. He said, “Ni99as from my era don’t believe in ghostwriting!!!!! I never did it! Never will! That’s real spill!!!!! The only thing: this tweet was deleted. Why? Maybe typos, maybe something else. I don’t know. 

He seems to deny that Black Thought has ever used ghostwriters and even seems offended. Peep:

The other thing is that he makes the claim the Jaguar Wright is mentally ill and to pray for her. Now that part I am not sure about, because the sources I am getting are saying that she is telling enough truths to be considered a problem. Her mental health isn’t really in question – the facts are! I will leave it at that!