Hilarious! Nicki Minaj Responds To Rapper Kyyng’s Girlfriend Comparisons


(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Kyyngg was already ridiculed for allegedly being the Young Thug 2.0, but now he’s given us comedy for a different reason.

Kyyngg has been in the process of putting together a movie, as he revealed this in a series of social media videos. As Kyyngg exited his tour bus with his guys and girlfriend, he had to let everyone know that his girlfriend is badder than Nicki Minaj!

“We in the moment of shooting a wonderful movie in Atlanta, GA. We dropping a real wonderful movie for y’all real soon. We got beautiful people. Nicki Minaj ain’t got sh-t on her. I love you though Nicki,” said Kyyngg.

That’s right! You have to be your significant other’s biggest cheerleader even if it means that you are delusional at times while doing it.

Kyyngg’s girlfriend has even been rumored to be transgender, which wouldn’t surprise us in the least bit. Anyway, it’s good to see that Nicki took it easy on Kyyngg considering the fact that the girl is no where near Nicki bad!

Nicki said,

“? I love u too babe. GANG! ?? (when u don’t remember shawty name so u gotta blurt out the first name that come to mind ??, I could be wrong but don’t it look like that’s what happened?!?!?) – she’s dope tho. pretty girl. But this video is so fkn icoNIC for many diff reasons?. love his accent ? #Kyyngg”

Hilarious! Kyyngg is so strange. Hip Hop is getting stranger and stranger by the minute. LOL. Carry on!