Hip-Hop Rumors: What Pioneering Southern Group Is Coming Back?


A$AP Rocky has started a movement in Houston, TX! What the hell did I just say? Sorry, I got confused about A$AP on that. Shout out to him. But I have an exclusive rumor that Texans should be excited about. The Screwed Up Click was the architect of so many things that you can’t say it enough. I’m getting word from http://cb-streets.blogspot.com that original Screwed Up Click member E.S.G. is looking to get back in the game. R.I.P. DJ Screw! I’m hoping they can capitalize on A$AP’s odd renewal of the Houston sound. Here is how it went down:

“Its going to be a day eventually when we going to have to start to initiate new artists for the ‘Screw Up Click’,if you want this to go on forever and forever there comes a time when our seeds might have to carry our name on.”

Do you think that something can be in the works sometime soon? You think you can make it happen?

“Yea I can make it happen,I started to tweet this a month ago I promise.””I was like I think its time for me and the powers that be to sit down and like every year initiate a different artist that we feel is worthy,WE GET BEHIND THEM AND HELP THEM TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.””THAT WOULD BE LIVE MAN, IT WOULD BE PERFECT.”

Source: illseed.com

Email me who you think it is and I’ll let you know if you are correct. kingillseed@gmail.com!


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