Lil Baby Wants No Parts In Online Feud Between His Baby’s Mother, Alexis Skyy, & Ari Fletcher

Lil Baby comes to his own defense after Alexis Skyy says he and her had something going on.

If you’ve been following the drama between Lil Baby’s son’s mother, Jayda Cheaves, Alexis Skyy, and Ari Fletcher (aka TheRealKyleSister), then your mouth has been to the floor too.

These ladies have been going at it over social media for the entire world to witness. It all started with Ari tweeting something about people not being original and Alexis claiming she paved the way for women in the game. 

Somehow Jayda got thrown in the mix causing Skyy to say she was intimate with her baby’s dad, Lil Baby. Then, Ari and Alexis went back at it and started talking about their looks, money, families, and more. 

Well, Lil Baby ain’t here for Skyy claiming she and him had any type of relationship and posted and deleted a series of tweets saying he doesn’t want to be put in the middle of their drama. 

On Sunday, he spoke up once again to defend himself against allegations that he slept with Skyy.

Ari and Alexis continue to come at each other via social media. I’m not sure when this feud will end, but the two have openly stated they are ready to fight.

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