Mos Def’s Rumored Daughter Laila Could Be Next SZA: Internet Investigates

This is wild if it’s true.

Mos Def is being linked to one of the latest rising stars, thanks to fans of the growing trend in live performance content platforms.

It’s possible that you may have either seen clips or heard audio from the viral performance the artist producer did for OnTheRadar last month, due to her bop “Not My Problem” stealing the show. And now, social media users are in belief Laila! is the daughter of Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey.

After a Twitter (X) user reached more than 2.6 million viewers with a single tweet featuring a clip of Laila’s performance with the caption “streets saying that’s Mos Def kid,” an apparent all-out internet investigation began.

In a follow-up tweet in the thread, another user appeared to unearth a vintage photo of her with her alleged father and mother.

“WAITTTTT’” the user wrote in part. “I had to dig for this but I have a photo from one of his old concerts & his kids were there. This is so paparazzi lmao but it absolutely looks like the same girl omg.”

Another user dug up a Instagram post featuring a photo of Laila! with her mother, speculating she was in the initial concert photo opposite of the Black Star MC. Then, another user chipped in and deduced the fact that Laila! shares the same last name as Def, whose given name is Dante Terrell Smith. Not to mention, it’s hard mot to see the likeness between the young girl in the photo with Def and the obvious photo of Laila! with her mom.

But whether or not the deep seated fan theory of true, Laila! is bound to create a legacy of her own. Making it well known she produces her own music, because it’s in her social media bio, she clearly has the vocal talent and ambiance of a star already. To be frank, her music reminds me of early SZA stuff like “Teen Spirit”. Especially her viral single “Like That” which has taken over social media in somewhat of the same way SZA’s did in the 2010s. Maybe it all runs in the family, maybe not, I don’t really mind either way way—but still kind of cool if so. Messy, I know!

Check out the throwback photo above.