Did Promoters Hire A Fake Jeremih To Perform In Houston?


(AllHipHop Rumors) In hilarious news, Jeremih may have run off on the plug after he already had a Kanye West-styled meltdown on stage.

Earlier this week R&B singer Jeremih performed in his hometown of Chicago as part of the “Summer’s Over Tour” with PartyNextDoor.

Fans went in on Jeremih after he reportedly performed two songs and threw his microphone down after yelling, “f-ck yall.”

Jeremih has since spoken out saying that his comment was directed at the sound people for the technical difficulties and not his fans.

In “you can’t make this up” news, fans are now claiming that promoters hired a fake Jeremih to perform in Houston. The fans say the “fake” Jeremih wore a hoodie and lip synched! LMAO how mad would you be if a promoter brought an imposter to a venue?

We’ve heard that this really happens sometimes and that sometimes some of the artists are even involved.