Woman Alleges AGAIN That She Is Being Harassed By Nicki Minaj

This is getting serious! A women alleges she’s still being harassed!

By now, we know Nicki Minaj is living her best life. She is married to a husband she has stuck with for a few years. Kenneth Petty, although he has some things in his past, has risen to the occasion as a husband (we think). And now, they have a new baby together. One would think that all is well with the queen, right?


There is a story that no one is saying anything about and it baffles me why it is not more furor is around this. Actually, that’s not true. Nobody out here really wants to have smoke with Nicki Minaj, not even people that purport to do journalism. Queen Nicki and Kenneth have a person out here that is accusing them of harassment. That person happens to be, alleges to be, the woman that he sexually assaulted many years ago.

Now, this is a crime that he was convicted of back in the day, but he still managed to scoop Nickie up because they go way back and she knows him as a person. This is not to say that nobody cares but it’s to say that it is getting to be old news. Plus, without somebody like TMZ jumping into the fray, nobody literally cares.


There is another side to this.

This woman has hopped on the internet AGAIN asking for The Pettys to leave her alone. She claims that Nicki and Kenneth are harassing her and her family via phone calls and other things apparently. What I don’t understand is why the woman does not go to the proper authorities and file a claim or a complaint against the people she says are harassing her. These harassment claims started last year when she made a video and an interview with a media outlet where she detailed the assault she suffered. And then everything was quiet.

In the new year, she’s already got it popping and locking with the sensational new claims. But honestly, nobody is trying to hear it because she is on the Internet again as opposed to going to the authorities. The Internet has spawned a new era of human beings that screams “look at me, look at me” instead of going through the proper channels to get things done. I can’t lie, it makes me rethink this entire situation because if there was truly a new crime committed there would be a huge incentive to get that done in a legal manner. If you see Nicki Minaj‘s name, then you were going to get attention. You might even get money to shut up.

Again, this is not to reduce what she may have gone through to me or talk but it’s also to say that you cannot file charges by making a sensation claim on the Internet.

Here is the news account on this:

Kenneth Petty’s Alleged Rape Victim Shows Her Face, Pleads For Nicki Minaj To Stop Harassing Her Family