Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Po-Po Set A Trap For Lil Boosie?

lil boosie
Well, I got news for you and you probably already know this. But the streets of Baton Rouge are a GLEE at the prospect that Lil Boosie could be home as early as November. Let me tell you, they are HYPE. Rappers, fans…damn near everybody.

In fact, I heard they may even try a damn parade for the dude!

As I have said before, the Laws are looking to take it to the next level too. They are reportedly already looking to pull Boosie back in the bing. He’s got other indictments out there and they are stacked. If I’m wrong, he has about 6 other charges pending. Wishing the best, because he seems to have a lot of fans. Just hoping that he’s not guilty of the crimes he’s accused of. They are doosies and the officials have a hard on for dude! Pause!

BUT, there is one man that is rumored to be looking to bring Boosie into the fray of his label and that’s MMG King Rick Ross. Boosie is featured on Self Made 3 and they are looking to jump to the next level.

But, with Rick Ross on his side…he might just have an advantage!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • QD

    dude is dumb as fuck.luv is music alot though. realest ish out there. what does that make me?lmao

    • “dumb as fuk”

      • PhilTheGreat


      • johnblacksad

        >>> tryin no to laugh…

        Bwahahahaha… lol

  • Luckey Bono

    This sounds like suge knight bailing PAC out all over again

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  • Obi Won

    We’ll have to wait and see I guess….

  • eddieknucks

    He better come out and find a cure for cancer or help staving orphans or something. If the pink people get a hard on for you, it’s hard to get them off. They’ll stop at nothing. Ninja better not even get caught pissing in an alley.

  • ccwaterbound32

    dude coming home sometime in November or next year either way that dude gettin out of there! as for them so called indictments I STILL AINT HEARD NO SHIT LIKE THAT! in my city we got baton rouge news so i see EVERYTHING that goes on i got fam from baton rouge i know people from baton rouge! all ima say is this and ima leave this shit alone he got kids who can read and i wouldn’t be surprised if they come up to this website from time to time and here your dumb ass is talking bad about the man! matter of fact boosie cousin donkey just did an interview a few months back talking about all the rumors. illseed seems to me if you wanted to find out something you’d contact badazz ent to get the REAL scoop and stop posting up lies for shock value and hits!

    • Tre C

      you missed the part where it’s called “rumors”?

      • ccwaterbound32

        so? tell the f**kin truth!

  • Dointer

    Hey if this is true, at least MMG will be stepping its status up in the lyrical aspect of things ; )

  • Freebe Jackson

    ohhhhh the irony of asking if a former C.O. can get boosie out of jail……Ross still got some friends that owe him 100 favors

  • Tre C

    boosie real, i just can’t listen to his music. Sounds like my 8 yr old nephew

    • MrNoName2K

      lol you a fool

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Live Well

    MMG hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • johnblacksad

    so… you are telling me we are not going to hear “free boosie” anymore?

    Best news of the day!

    If they can stop sayin that and “turn up” I will be the happiest mofo around

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      shut ur euro suspect azz up!

      • johnblacksad

        shoot and… miss!
        try again

  • Guillaume Pilon

    if they really can help him he gonna get down with them

  • 1SOFLO1

    ILLSEED you used the be the man homey, now I wanna slap the taste out your mouth… OK! I really don’t understand exactly when prison guard AKA prison security is actually qualifies has cop? for you to actually put fuel on this coon ignorant nonsense just show me that you have reduced to writing/going with any coon ish to get people to read your BS stories. “Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Po-Po Set A Trap For Lil Boosie?” WTFudge are you talking about illseed. MMG is the hottest group out in hiphop right now. Everyone is hot at the same time, no one is getting cheated out of their money(that we heard of) they seem like they ride for each other and breaking bread together(Everyone play their position) but ILLSEED does is write ish like this. ILLSEED the COON.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u funny goof ball stfu

  • Konrad Fitzgerald

    Why dont rappers like Jay z and others who know OBAMA, get out all their rapper friends with a Presidential Pardon. If they really got him on the cell phone it should be easier. thats what friends r 4. peace

  • YaheardSyndicate

    The advantage of already working with the police.

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  • TimeWillTellu1

    Boosie still good in my book.

  • MrNoName2K

    good look for Boosie is he make it out the pen, baaaaaaaaad look for that groupie ass nigga that got that “FREE BOOSIE” sh*t tatted on his face lol…

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Are the cops try to set a trap for Boosie. Yes and they put their best undercover agent on the job to get it done. Signs, lets his guard down, incriminates himself like hell and then gets real time.

  • mak_l_jones

    mannnn boosie bet not come home and sign with this former c.o ass nigga! took another man identity when he was locked up for REALLY living that life , and made millions of his shit. smh. …..

    • wshh_goonunot_chat

      how did rosey take his identity? he never claimed 2b from cali. only thing rosey did was strongarmed his name. and made dat so called gangster go and try to sue like a bitch…mutha fukk da music nikka where ya real muscle – rosey

      • John Holladay

        I feel you. Half of rappers use someone ele’s name withour permission or some character from a ganster movie. and no one tripping hell freeway is using the same name and i dont see him being sued..its b cuz he isnt moving any units and no cash..

  • dontae’


  • keyshia moore

    he’ll be back soon! he’s a dumb nigga that has to live up to his rep. thats he once made in the streets. niggas be talking that “im changed” shit when they back there once they feet his the streets . it’s on. watch and see !

    • The Real Will Cannon

      Typical angry black woman…instead of say’n some incouragin’ words…you took time out of your day to send out a hate filled message. How many men have verbally abused you in your lifetime? I pray for people like you…because you reak of insecurities…You’re probably are even goin’ to try to degrade me…but words are just words…I know self…which you obviously…don’t. Good luck in life…you’re goin’ to have dark days ahead of you…Oh…yea…& FREE BOOSIE BITCH!!!!! BOL


    noooooo dont sign with them nigga’s

    1 is a ex-c.o. , the other is a ex- boy band memeber that changed his name and demeanor to look “hard” just to fit in smh lol, the other is full of hisself for no reason ,raps about the same shit in every song and got his ass ate up by cassidy with 1 damn song. and the other 1 is a scary poem writer that dont want it with no real rapper on the mic.

    boosie need to stay with his original team before making that dumb move

    • brandon 404

      lmfaooooooooo im crying at how you described they crew. it’s true though

    • MildManneredReporter

      fact wale is the toughest guy at a poetry slam…

  • aaron_88

    he just wanna sign boosie to get play get back at jeezy! jeezy and boosie was rocking before he went to prison. now that they (jeezy / ross) got beef he wanna throw boosie on they album and try and sign him once he come home so he can have a street nigga around him and look more powerful against other street nigga’s. -___-

  • John Holladay

    I have a question, whats wrong with being a C.O. Not like he was a cop he had no ability to lock anyone up..He couldnt set anyone up..He was just a gate keeper… Ok so he lied about it not being true but hell most rappers are lying and we know it…

    • Jarvis Searight

      I mean the guy had to get a job or dob something fresh out of school .

    • All that shit these niggaz is talking about him being a cop is bogus. Most of these rappers are stretching the truth, so they need to stop all of the cop talk. The average rapper don’t hate the po po, and Im willing to bet you that they are cool with a few. I don’t get this super macho, no snitching, and don’t talk to the feds talk. Shit, we need the dam police to lock some of these crazy niggaz up. What if alot of these dams killers and rapist was on the streets now, hell we already got enough. Niggaz, we got to have a justice system, or else we would be on some wild wild west type shit. I like cops, just hate dirty ones!

      • Synista

        Justice system ?? Can’t call it a system if it does not work properly!
        Only system some people know is the penal system while others hop through life like bunny rabbits. And why would anyone want to talk to feds when we all know they can’t be trusted.

    • Synista

      Nothing is wrong with being a C.O.,but don’t lie about it especially when you know that it will come to light,and then don’t try to convince us that you were a big time drug dealer,when we all know the only powder you were touching was courtesy of dunkin donuts.Yes most rappers lie but we already know that,in the case of william roberts he lies so much he actually believes his own stories.He could make a living writing fiction novels.

  • David Gonz

    boosie gonna sign with gucci. thats his best move witht he new flaka aka cheef keeef thats a no brainer

  • Synista

    So an EX -CO is looking to sign a soon to be EX-Inmate that is priceless!!
    So many jokes can be made of that situation if it comes to fruition,anyway hope boosie gets out of jail and stays out.

  • hoeyuno

    If boosie do make it home homie needs to keep that foot outta the street..There’s someone who is convinced boosie is a murderer and is trying there best to keep him in there. And there seems to be no shortage of rats out there either… On the real it seems like his fans want him to sign with Gucci and I see why there fans would want that connect but that won’t help the situation. Gucci hard headed as fucc and is gonna end up in jail for the rest of his life for some straight up dumb ass shit.. At least if he signs with rawse who’s camp is the “major” right now he’ll be put in a better situation to do the music without the bullshit……..

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