EXCLUSIVE: Kodak Black Won’t Be Released From Jail Anytime Soon

Kodak Black

The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, filed a motion asking a Florida judge to dismiss the drug charges earlier this week.

Kodak Black will remain behind bars for at least another four weeks. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the final hearing regarding the revocation of Kodak Black’s supervised release was held before Judge Jose E. Martinez on Monday (January 22). But Martinez needed more time to make a decision and therefore rescheduled the final revocation hearing to February 21, meaning the troubled rapper must stay put.

Kodak Black’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, filed a motion asking a Florida judge to dismiss the charges earlier this week. Cohen claimed prosecutors wrongfully charged Kodak with possession of oxycodone. Cohen said Kodak had a prescription for the powerful painkiller and urged a judge to reconsider.

The Pompano Beach native was originally charged with cocaine possession after his December 2023 arrest. The responding officer allegedly discovered a “white chunky substance” while searching Kodak Black’s vehicle. A field test allegedly indicated the powder was cocaine, but prosecutors didn’t move forward with the cocaine charge. Instead, they charged Kodak with oxycodone possession on January 8. His attorney criticized authorities via social media on January 9.

“As stated when this new case first was filed, this was not cocaine and the officer was lying about his observations,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “We finally got the lab report…its oxycodone that Kodak had a prescription for and not an illegal substance. Knowing that the officer substantially misrepresented his observations, the Broward State Atty Office still filed the charge. Unbelievable and it will not be tolerated. This level of abuse of power by the arresting officer is disgusting. We will be seeking a new bond hearing and addressing these unethical practices by the police department.”

Kodak, whose legal name is Bill K. Kapri, was placed in federal custody for violating his probation. He remained on probation after former president Donald Trump commuted his sentence in 2021.