Artists To Watch In 2023: RealMuzikSK

RealMuzikSK journey has not been the easiest, as he struggled to survive as a homeless person.

RealMuzikSK perfectly showcases his growth over the last year with his latest EP “Perfect Timing.” This artist pairs up an energetic flow with a catchy rhythm while sharing his journey. Each song on this project is unique and speaks to SK’s experiences over the last couple of months. 

In his own words, SK mentioned, “The tape is about good times and positive vibes I put together and was experiencing in the last two months,” he said. “It all came together, you know, perfect timing.”

RealMuzikSK aims to touch souls with this EP and motivate fans to struggle for their passion and dreams. His raw style and captivating lyrics have captured the hearts of thousands of fans, who tune into his tracks daily. RealMusikSK relies on music to share his story and to inspire listeners for a better future. 

“It’s the perfect time because I’m at a time in my life where everything’s been going good, I hit a million views on youtube with my record “Pain,” he says. “It was just too perfect, my daughter was born March 2023 as well.”

SK further emphasizes, “I just want the audience to feel the same way I felt when I was making the records. I want them to feel that motivation and inspiration when they hear the music.” 

His journey has not been the easiest, as he struggled to survive as a homeless person. However, his passion for music and perseverance kept him going. RealMuzikSK wished to share his story with the world, and attributes his success to the struggle and adversity he had to go through. 

He added, “Lessons I learned from family, the streets, and people in my circle are very valuable to who I am.”

About “RealMuzikSK”

RealMuzikSK is an artist from Amite City, Louisiana. He’s been into music since he was 13 years of age and wanted to establish a real community around his craft. This lyrical genius has attracted thousands of fans with his craft to bring his childhood dream to fruition. Learn more about this blessed artist at

Stream ‘Perfect Timing’ below.