Afrika Bambaataa Speaks On Sexual Abuse Charges, Accuser Welcomes Lawsuit


(AllHipHop News) Afrika Bambaataa addressed sexual abuse allegations made against him for the first time in public during an interview on “The Ed Lover show with Monie Love.”

During the interview, Afrika Bambaataa doubled down on his view that the allegations stem from a larger conspiracy formed against him.

“This is false allegations that’s being put against me and a lot of lies. And it could me today and you tomorrow,” Afrika Bambaataa told Ed Lover. “I completely deny all type of allegations that’s being put against your brother, Afrika Bambaataa.”

Bambaataa has claimed he never met Ronald Savage, the Bronx politician who originally made the explosive claims in a 2014 book titled “Impulse, Urges and Fantasy’s.”

Ronald Savage, 50, reiterated the charges against Afrika Bambaataa on Shot 97, the radio show helmed by personality Troi “Star” Torain, who is now calling for Bam’s arrest.

Since then, several other men have come out with similar claims of abuse against Bambaataa and Star says there’s at least seven men in total that claim they’ve been abused by the rap legend.

And the original accuser, Ronald Savage, isn’t backing down from his claims.

Savage even welcomed the defamation lawsuit Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation claimed they would file over the allegations.

“If Bambaataa says he doesn’t know me, tell him to take a lie detector test,” Savage told The New York Daily News. “Ask him if he knew me or if abused me and other underage boys. I’ll take one, too, and we’ll see who is telling truth.”

While Afrika Bambaataa cannot be prosecuted for the claims due to New York laws, Ronald Savage’s lawyer Luis Sepulveda also urged the Zulu Nation to file to the lawsuit, since it would force Afrika Bambaataa to testify under oath.

“We welcome the opportunity to have (Bambaataa) speak under oath at a deposition,” Sepulveda said. “We welcome the opportunity to present evidence to him. My client’s allegations are true.”

And even if they don’t, Afrika Bambaataa and The Zulu Nation may be facing a defamation lawsuit of their own, thanks to the comments members have made about Ronald Savage in interviews and press releases.