Bleu DaVinci Says Big Meech Co-Signs Drake (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When Drake rapped “Take a flick. I look like Meechy, look like Bleu DaVinci,” on “Ten Bands” he apparently earned the respect of incarcerated BMF leader Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. That’s according to Bleu DaVinci himself. The BMF entertainment affiliate did an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes where he spoke about Drizzy.

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“[Meech] let me know recently when I do see Drake to give him a pound and a hug, because he really appreciated the shout out,” said DaVinci. “When you’re in prison and the top dog in the industry says your name, everybody in the day room’s like, ‘Ohhh!'”

DaVinci added the Toronto native now has numerous supporters in jail. He declared Drake has backing whenever he is in Los Angeles as well.

“Crips and Bloods, he got all kind of homeboys. He mentioned those two names, his pass got crazy,” DaVinci stated. “He can go anywhere he wants to go in L.A. I’m gonna send them real riders with him… He’ll be able to slide through the whole city and do what he wants.”

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Watch Bleu DaVinci’s interview below.