Cardi B Reveals Her Obsession With War And Love For Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt On “Hot Ones” 

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Cardi B is a history buff who is “obsessed with war,” and loves former president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. 

Cardi B showed how diverse her interests are and gave fans a different side of herself after revealing she’s a history buff who loves former president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor.  

The “Bongos” hitmaker shared her obsession with World War II during the latest episode of Hot Ones. The wide-ranging interview covered everything from Jay-Z to aliens as Cardi B chomped through the flaming hot wings.  

When asked about going to get a chopped cheese sandwich with David Letterman for an episode of his Netflix show last year, Cardi B revealed that “what stays in my mind” from that experience was going to FDR’s house.  

“If anybody loves me, know me, I love FDR … and I love Eleanor Roosevelt,” Cardi gushed. “I grew up reading a lot about Eleanor Roosevelt… she had a very sad life. And like, when I went to her house, she had a different house from her husband because, you know, FDR mama, she was always around, and she didn’t really like that Eleanor wanted her space. Just like me I want my own space all the time.” 

Cardi B explained visiting the room where FDR and former Prime Minister Winston Churchill discussed the atomic bomb was “crazy to me,” before detailing her fixation on the World Wars. 

“I don’t know why, I’m obsessed with war,” she added. “I’m obsessed with World War II — I love World War I, I like reading about that. But World War II? I’m just obsessed with just learning everything about it.” 

Check out a clip of Cardi B discussing her love for War and the Roosevelts on Hot Ones below and watch the episode at the end of the page.  

Cardi B Gets A Shoutout From The History Channel

A clip from the interview went viral and caught the attention of The History Channel.  

“Looks like you may have a history career in your future @iamcardib, the official account tweeted

A stunned Cardi B replied, “OMGGG.”