Check Out President Donald Trump’s Official Pardon Of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Pardon

Take a look at Lil Wayne’s official pardon!

Lil Wayne’s pardon has officially been filed and registered by the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and his upcoming court dates related to his gun charge are off the calendar.

Wayne was supposed to head into court on March 4th 2021, after was caught with a gold plated .45 handgun on his private jet when he landed at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Miami in December of 2019.

In a shrewd move, Wayne pleaded guilty to the charges on December 20th, 2020, gambling that his buddy, President Donald Trump would grant him a pardon.

Wayne’s bet paid off – with an assist from NFL legend Deion Sanders – because President Trump pardoned the rap star on January 20th, his last day in office.

The official pardon, which can be seen below, was given to the Assistant United States Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan on January 25th, 2021.

Check it out:

President Donald Trump's Pardon Of Lil Wayne
President Donald Trump’s Pardon Of Lil Wayne