Flo Rida Signs 16-Year-Old Pop Singer Tyler Medeiros


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Flo Rida is expanding his record label, International Music Group, with the addition of Canadian pop singer Tyler Medeiros.

Flo Rida inked Tyler Medeiros, 16, to his IMG label, through a joint venture with Canadian-based label CP Records, which is co-owned by rapper Belly.

Tyler Medeiros is being touted as one of the flagship artists on the IMG label, which is currently signing various artists, in different genres of music.

“Tyler Medeiros is a superstar, it’s as simple as that,” IMG CEO Flo Rida told AllHipHop.com. “His energy and commitment to producing quality music embodies everything we are doing at IMG and we look forward to quickly watching him become a household name.”

Flo Rida discovered Tyler Medeiros after he saw clips of the singer on YouTube.com, where the upcoming singer has amassed millions of views.

After meeting each other in person, Flo Rida decided that he could help push the singer’s career, through his IMG label.

Like Flo Rida, Tyler Medeiros will be managed by Lee “Freezy” Prince and his company Strong Arm Management.

“The second you hear Tyler sing or see him perform you know you are witnessing something special,” said Tony Sal, CEO of CP Records & Management. “The partnership with Flo Rida’s IMG label and Lee “Freezy” Prince’s Strong Arm Management is a monumental development for him and for CP Records. We can’t wait to introduce this kid to the world.”

Flo Rida will kickoff the partnership by bringing Tyler Medeiros with him on a tour of Canada, with rapper Pitbull.

Pitbull’s Canadian tour kicks off in Vancouver, BC on March 19.