Offset Cuffed By Police; Cardi B’s Cousin Arrested With Gun Over Fracas With Trump Supporters

Offset has been apprehended and it was captured on video!

UPDATE: Offset was apprehended and released by Beverly Hills Police. Marcelo Almanzar, Cardi B’s cousin was not as fortunate.Almanzar was arrested for possession of a concealed loaded weapon, according to TMZ.

Rapper Offset of The Migos was apprehended while driving Saturday in Beverly Hills. The rapper was on Instagram live at the time of the incident with 30,000 people watching.

In the video, the rapper can be said heard saying explicitly that he is not going to move his hands from the steering wheel to officers. The officers countered with their interpretation of what was going on prior to their arrival, suggesting they were “waving guns” at people.  Offset then countered with his version of the events that led up to his arrest. 

It has not been confirmed that there is a relationship to the arrest,but there was a pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills as well on Saturday. There were Trump supporters around in the video and Offset inferred somebody hit his car.

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” Offset said to the arresting officers.

And officer then reached into the rapper’ vehicle. “That’s not legal, you can’t just open my door,” Offset stated.

Offset continued to the police, “You know who I am?” He also threatened to sue them for false arrest.