Suge Knight Lashes Out At Snoop Dogg Following Podcast Allegations

Snoop Dogg Suge Knight

Suge Knight just went off on Snoop Dogg.

Suge Knight has targeted Snoop Dogg online on social media following the Long Beach rapper’s response to his recent allegations against several Hip-Hop industry moguls.

On Wednesday (February 7), Knight initiated a rampage on Twitter (X) focused on Snoop after it appears he undermined the claims the former Death Row Records boss made on his podcast. During the most recent episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, which arrived on February 5, Knight claimed Diddy‘s former Uptown Records boss, the late Andre Harrell, was involved in a secret affair with Russell Simmons. In a comment on an Instagram post, Snoop wrote, “SMH I’m praying for that brother he finds peace.”

Knight caught wind of the comment and it appeared to set him off on a rant in which he accused Snoop of lying, being a fake Crip and more.

”Show the agreement or proof of payment and I’ll shut up!!! Bet you can’t!!! #Deathrow #snoopdogg,” Knight wrote in the initial tweet.

In another follow-up tweet, Knight reposted a clip of what appeared to be a comedy skit for social media, further pressing Snoop in his retort.

”If you only could act like this when the camera rolling Snoop Dogg!!! #snoopdogg #underdogg #fakecrip,” Knight tweeted.

With one final swipe, Knight attempted to go for Snoop’s jugular by accusing his wife of infidelity.

“You pray for me Snoop Dogg!!! Okay I’ll pray your wife stop going to Hawaii with other men!!!! #snoopdog #bosslady,” Knight wrote.

Knight’s podcast landed him in hot-water last December after the inaugural episode put Akon in the incarcerated former executives crosshairs over rape allegations the Konvict singer threatened legal action over.