Britney Spears Says She Has Nerve Damage Impacting Her Head

Britney Spears

In a now-deleted post, Britney Spears said she has nerve damage which is making the right side of her body go numb. Read more.

Britney Spears told followers she has nerve damage on the right side of her body.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the “Hold Me Closer” singer revealed she has nerve damage.

In a caption of a video of herself dancing, Britney wrote, “there’s no cure except God” for the nerve damage she incurred, though she didn’t specify the incident that caused it.

“Nerve damage is caused sometimes when you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain,” she said. “Your brain literally shuts down.”

Calling it an “old story,” Britney referenced “in that place where I didn’t breathe,” seemingly referring to the medical facility she was brought to against her will in 2019.

“The last 3 years since I got out of that place I’ve been in a mild unconscious state,” the singer wrote. “I couldn’t face it.”

How the facility connects to Britney’s nerve damage is unclear.

Elsewhere in the post, Britney detailed the symptoms of her condition, writing, “Nerve damage causes parts of your body to go numb. I wake up like 3 times a week in bed and my hands are completely numb.

“Nerves are tiny and it feels like pins and needles from the right side of my body it shoots (sic) up to my neck and the part that hurts the worst is my temple on my head… it stings and it’s scary.”