DJ Drama Talks How He Got Drake Back For Smashing His Girl!

Drake is still at the top of the world right now, but DJ Drama talks about the time he and Meek joined forces.

DJ Drama.

Meek Mill and Drake have a storied history together at this point. There is no beef between the two right now. And that is a good thing. However, a few years ago they were at war and nothing was off-limits. Drake came at Meek and Meek came at Drake or was it the other way around? Nevertheless I can’t remember. What I do remember, is Meek Mill unearth the fact that Drake had used reference tracks from Quentin Miller. This was previously unknown to most of us, but I guess the insiders knew a little bit more.

In an upcoming episode of Drink Champs, Nore, DJ EFN and DJ Drama talk about the controversy. I am quite sure they talk about a bunch of things in their interview but they are definitely going to talk about how DJ Drama was the one that fed Meek the music and audio that dimmed Drakes star just a little bit. He was the one that revealed that Drake had used someone else’s pen (or iPhone note) for some of his songs. Now, we love Drake so that’s not get to hating him but this is a key piece of Drake’s information! 

But the real question is why would DJ Drama insert himself into such a hot beef, that is over? Well, it’s very simple: Drake smashed a girl he was seeing. That’s right, it was all over a girl.  I am not going to be hating on DJ Drama because he clearly liked the girl enough to be p##### over it. And if he liked the girl enough that he was willing to completely eliminate Drake from his circle of rap buddies, so be it. He stood on the square of truth! The girl clearly was NOT loving him the same way.  Some people are already in their feelings about the interview because it is quite gossipy, but isn’t everything these days?

Here it is.

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The full interview is leaking tomorrow so check that out.