FBG Duck’s Alleged Murderer Named: OTF Muwop! Lil Durk May Be Under Investigation!

Lil Durk

OTF Muwop is in hot water as he is the alleged killer of FBG Duck. Lil Durk is rumored to be in the feds sights.

If you are not well-versed in Chicago politics like me, this may be a bit of a challenge! Lets try this.First of all, a man was arrested in the murder of the late FBG Duck. That was a cold, sad murder…in mid-day while the brother was shopping for his kid. Well, they are pointing a finger at OTF Muwop for the murder…he has reportedly been arrested. Those – like me that did not know – he is an associate of Lil Durk! Homey!

Now they are saying that the Feds may be looking into Durk too. Rumor has it, they may be inquiring about whether or not Muwop was paid to do the murder. This is bad and good at the same time, depending on who you are. Duck’s mom is happy!

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Here is bro’s last IG post.

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I had recently inquired about Lil Durk’s Georgia case and I got some bad info! They told me it was “over,” but I have new info that says to the contrary! The case is still outstanding! It seems like the federalis hit up O-Block and got a bunch of people! Durk was not one of them!