Omarion And Apryl Jones Stop Warring To Give Son His First Hair Cut

Omarion and Apryl get back together for the sake of their little baby!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The world is in civil unrest, but alas some two “Love and Hip-Hop” stars are coming together and working in unity.

This kumbaya moment may not end the social protest raging across the world, but for those who have been watching the world of love and Hip-Hop (pun definitely intended), this peace treaty means something.

Omarion and Apryl Jones have been very public about their split.

While details are shaky on the details (mostly because of how super-private Omarion is), we do know that Apryl not only started a new life with a new man (B2K member Lil Fizz) but created an entirely disrespectful storyline on the franchise VH1 show that quite honestly introduced us to the real her.

Most of 2019, fans watched the Helen of Troy (Scream Tour Edition) play two bandmates against each and people wondered about how the kids were doing seeing “Uncle Fizz” with mommy.

Well, it seems that no one needs to worry and that when it comes to their kids the “Ice Box” singer and his baby moms got it all under control.

Proof positive that the former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood (LHHH)” couple coming together to cut their son, Megaa Grandberry’s hair for the first time.

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An emotional Apryl appears to get weepy at the thought that her baby’s locs are getting the big chop.

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“Are those tears,” one family friend is heard saying. “I think so,” Apryl confesses. It really is a validation of two realities: Omarion’s genes are strong and Megaa is not a baby anymore.

Omarion is there helping the barber get the cut official!

Congrats on these too for getting it right! The war is going on outside … not inside where harmony is supposed to happen.

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