Redman Says He Paid For Side Chicks’ Abortions on ‘The Muddy Waters Show’


The hip hop legend is spilling his own tea.

When it comes to spilling your own tea, nobody’s better at it than Redman.

The modern-day hip hop legend went on The Muddy Waters Show and got ahead of his own tea.

Though he’s settled down now with a family of his own, Redman said that during his wildest and craziest days, he’d have reckless sex with all sorts of women. When they inevitably turned up pregnant, he’d pay for their abortions.

Uh…yay, fiscal responsibility? Although a condom would have been cheaper.

While these Redman revelations are certainly raw, they aren’t that shocking to anyone over the age of 40. While Gen Z looks at the Wu-Tang Clan and its affiliates as the cool and cuddly uncles on Hulu’s “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” oldheads know how the Killa Bees really used to get down. Never mind the Method Man rumors that never seem to ever die — this is a group that gladly gave us “Ice Cream,” which is a great song, but it’s also about banging every broad in Richmond County that has a pulse, a legal ID, and gives consent.

Let’s also remember that there was a time that Redman and his affiliation with the Wu was in jeopardy when he “went soft” and married his longtime girlfriend instead of following the Clan protocol of tossing her out in the morning with well wishes and a CD copy of Enter the 36 Chambers.

Autographed, of course, because they were classy like that.