Did T.I. Ban Bernice Burgos From Appearing In Other Rapper’s Music Videos?


(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. certainly has a lot going on with his marriage, pending divorce, and affairs.

It looks like T.I. and his alleged side chick, Bernice Burgos are still going strong! Word on the curb is that T.I. allegedly banned her for appearing in other rapper’s music videos!

Although Bernice Burgos is 37, she’s certainly still in high demand! Several music artists have been rumored to be trying to feature the model in their music videos, but Tip is said to be SHUTTING IT DOWN!

According to Hollywood Life, now that Bernice is popping, she’s been trying to get in everyone’s videos, but T.I. isn’t with it.

“He told her that’s a no-no and that he better not see her in anyone’s music videos except his,” claims a source close to the situation.

“TIP’s very territorial and he’s not cool seeing his girl twerking and looking all sexy in another man’s video. Bernice wants to work. She loves how TIP financially supports her but she doesn’t want him to feel like she’s a gold digger. Even so, TIP really doesn’t want her working. He told her he’s got her and just wants her to keep doing what she’s doing – pleasing and making TIP the happiest he’s ever been,” said an insider.

Well it has been said that Tip is known for not wanting his women to work. I could see why Bernice would want to appear in videos to continue to expand her “brand” because all we really know her for is being an Instagram model and occasional video vixen.

Rumor also has is that Benrice caused a lot of drama at T.I.’s son Major’s recent birthday celebration. Apparently Bernice brought Major a lot of gifts, and had the nerve to give them to T.I. and Tiny’s son right in front of Tiny!

Another source claims that Bernice wasn’t really there, but somehow Tip still managed to throw Bernice in Tiny’s face. Tiny already told y’all that she ain’t worried about no “pass around b-tch”, but that’s still got to hurt considering how Tiny has held Tip down.

What are your thoughts on Bernice? Do you think they will last?

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